March 5, 2009

Memo from school superintendent to faculty, employees

Memorandum sent this morning from school Superintendent Philip Streifer:

Dear Faculty, Administration and Staff:
Last night the Bristol Board of Education unanimously approved the Administration’s budget proposal, which if funded, would ensure that virtually all existing programs and staff would be in place next school year. The only exceptions would be in special state granting areas that may be reduced.
I term this a ‘Go Forward’ budget in that it supports all existing programs in our normal operating budget. We are also working to find a way to use Federal Stimulus funds to support those special state ‘grant funded’ programs targeted for reduction. You may have read in the newspaper that Bristol is now losing its ‘Priority School Status’ because our student achievement has improved so dramatically. Over a three year phase out we will be losing almost $2M in much needed state support. Hopefully we can find a way to fund these programs through other means.
Although there is still uncertainty as to how much state support we will receive in terms of regular state aide, with a likely freeze in state ECS aid, some limited relief from mandates, the Federal Stimulus Act, and support from city, I will not now be recommending that layoff notices be sent to non-tenured faculty. However, if any of these variables should change significantly over the coming months prior to a final state budget and a locally adopted city budget, our plans would be forced to change. But at this point enough of the key indicators are looking more positive for next year.
I will attempt to keep you informed as this process unfolds.
Phil Streifer

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