March 3, 2009

3rd District GOP still seeking candidates

Statement issued by the 3rd District's Republican committee late last night:

Although spring hasn’t arrived, Republicans in Bristol’s Third Council District are excited about this fall’s council race.  

“This fall’s race is going to be exciting in our district,” said Bob Casar, District Chairman, “like last year’s Presidential race, we’re faced with the unique situation where there is no incumbent running for office.”  Because of that, Casar said, the district has “seen an upswing in the number of people like Derek  who have expressed an interest in running for Council in the third district.” 

“Derek came to us about a month ago to discuss his candidacy.  Since then I know he’s worked hard to develop his platform and build a campaign team that he believes will help him win the party’s nomination, and, ultimately, the election in November,” Casar said. 

“At one point our list had seven names on it, and through the process some have dropped out or opted to take a role in helping others. It is refreshing to see candidates vying for the nomination who we believe would be an asset to the council,” said Mickey Goldwasser, another Third District Republican.  “There are many things about Derek’s platform that we support.”  “That said,” said Casar, “we are still encouraging anyone interested in running to step forward during the coming weeks.”

While the party will vote on nominations in May, the District has already begun the vetting process.  In the Third District all candidates will receive a questionnaire that they will need to discuss with the Vetting Committee, further, candidates will be interviewed as a group and individually by Town Committee members and will be asked to present a platform to the Committee. 

“Right now feelings of cynicism and mistrust are running pretty high in our society,” said Casar.  “We feel that we owe it to the voters to put forward candidates of high integrity and strong character.”  By doing that, Casar said he hopes the election will “focus on the issues that matter most to our neighbors, as opposed to devolving into partisan rants and name calling.”

Goldwasser said that the things he’s looking for in a candidate include “a solid, focused, common sense platform.”  Casar is looking for “some interest from non-traditional Republicans, whether as a candidate or volunteer.  Diversity is what makes organizations great – we need more young people to get involved in the process to help us build bench strength for the future; we need white collar and blue collar folks working together with Veteran’s, retirees and students.  We need to reflect the image of our community.” 

Finally, said Goldwasser, “we need individuals that will put the voters of Bristol first and have the ability to make a difference. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate the ability to develope a strong campaign organization, and have the passion and energy necessary to sustain themselves through a long campaign season.  They’re going to be asking a lot of us in the weeks and months to come.  By having them go through the vetting process now, we’re having them do some work up front to make sure they’re not only qualified but dedicated to putting in the hours to make it to November.” 


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Anonymous said...

This coming from two guys who haven't run for anything, or been deeply involved in any campaign.

That is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping some good candidates step forward!

Anonymous said...

Is Bob Merrick going to run for the GOP like he did 2 years ago?

Concerned Conservative said...

Talk about the blind leading the blind! I heard they want people to answer IN WRITING some really personal questions such as income level and prior criminal record. Then what? If someone was arrested or doesn't make enough then these two clowns tell them they can't run? What if they lie, will you sue them?

Well guess what guys? Anyone who's not a felon can run and if you get in their way you may have a primary mess to deal with. Since Goldwasser and Casar are so holier- than-thou perhaps they should consider running themselves?

Here's some advice your polical hignesses. Tell whom ever is interested in running that what they did in their past may come up and then the candidate may have to deal with the embarassment of such a leak. Now that being said, I doubt too many people who've done anything seriously bad are interested in running for city council.

If the candidates are so new to everyone on the district committee, it doesn't say too much for the depth or the integrity of the committee does it? And this "vetting" process doesn't say much for this group either, except "clue-less".

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of their new questionaire...

1) Are you a teacher in Bristol?

2) Do you have a MBA from U of H as well as your master's in education?

3) Are you married to a blonde with Polish ancestory?

4) Do you drive a Harley?

5) Have you written in your own personal blog, not only your personal journey through life but your theories of economics and local municipal-funded development?

If you answer "yes" to all of the following questions, we will endorse you. If you have not and the one who did answer "yes" has chosen not to run, we will endorse you but we will do little if anything to support you. But we supported "that guy" last time and he lost anyway so maybe you're better off?

-Respectfully submitted,
The Bristol 3rd District RINOs

Anonymous said...

Concerned Conservative

Why don't you run?

You seem to have all the answers.

Of I forgot that would mean you would actually have to do something.

Your talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Bob Merrick will announce any day now. He is just waiting for his Orange campaign shirts to come in.

Anonymous said...

that would not surprise me after reading some of Bob Casars' comments on Bob Merrick's Facebook Page

Anonymous said...

from Bob Merrick's Facebook Page....

Bob Casar wrote
at 7:29am on February 8th, 2009
Homework assignment: practice talking about city issues the same way you just told me your plan for the day... It was perfect!
Write on Bob's Wall

Anonymous said...

Whoever is silly enough to think that Bob Merrick is waiting for orange shirts to announce his candidacy doesn't deserve to post on this blog.

Bob is truly his own man, an issue that has him at odds with the GOP old guard most of the time. Bob shouldn't wait for Ken Johnson's direction or approval to announce his candidacy, and in fact, if any Republican candidate plans on winning in the fall they need to stay away far away from Ken.

Anonymous said...


Well Put!

Anonymous said...

All potential republican candidate need to stay away from both Ken Johnson and Ken Cockayne. The entire republican party should tell both of them to get out of politics.

Anonymous said...

But they are so hung up on themselves that they would probably primary and ruin republican chances of winning.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Stortz wasn't so bad after all...

Anonymous said...

Hope they Vet better than Obama does.