March 11, 2009

The Press is moving soon

We're moving this spring into the big old brick office building at 225 North Main St. that used to house New Departure in bygone days.
I'm told we're taking office space that a telemarketing firm used to have.
It'll probably mean more coverage of the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency, which is also in the building. And we'll know pretty quickly if the government tries again to shut down the Social Security office since it's just down the hall.
The building where the Press has been for years, at 99 Main St., will be empty. From what I hear, the Journal Register Co., our bankrupt former owner, is looking for a lot more money from potential buyers than anyone's likely to pay. So it'll probably sit there vacant, which makes me a little sad.
This afternoon, we're having a big staff meeting where I'll probably get a chance to meet our new executive editor for the first time. If he has horns or something, I'll let y'all know.
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Anonymous said...

So does this mean you are going to start kissing Carpenters butt now that he will be your Landlord? LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't speak to soon Steve!!!!!