March 2, 2009

New turning lane eyed for Center Street

The city plans to add a turning lane on Center Street beside the central firehouse in a bid to relieve traffic congestion at the juncture with North Main Street.

Ray Rogozinski, a city engineer, said the project is slated to go out to bid this spring, with construction to get underway by early summer.

The additional lane should put an end to the increasingly common phenomena of one car that’s seeking to turn left blocking a line of others as it waits for the opportunity to make the turn, officials said.

The problem has existed for years, but the change to the layout of the post office parking lot a couple of years go exacerbated the delays because most of those leaving the post office exit onto Center Street and turn back toward North Main.

Howard Schmelder, a Bristol Development Authority commissioner, said that one car turning left there can create headaches for many others.

It isn’t yet clear how the extra lane will be marked.

It could be that there is a right turn only lane or it may be that one will be for those turning right or going straight.

Rogozinski said that restriping the pavement is a possibility.

“That would help,” Schmelder said.

Rogozinski said the fix won’t resolve every problem, but it should make a difference.

“I can’t say you’ll never be aggravated at that intersection,” Rogozinski said.

Officials said they won’t add a left turn light there – at least for now – because of the cost involved.

New traffic signals carry a hefty price tag, they said, and aren’t added without a major need.

The change in the post office parking lot, which the city pushed for, allows entry from North Main Street but the only exit is onto Foley Street, which runs behind the fire station. Drivers can only turn left or right onto Center Street from there.

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Anonymous said...

Another favor for G. Carpenter

Anonymous said...

It helps us all, including George.

Anonymous said...

If it didn't help Carpenter it wouldn't even get the city's attention. The fact it will help others is just a fringe benefit, but not a city priority.

Anonymous said...

What does Carpenter get out of this?

Anonymous said...

Save your time and ours on the bidding process will ya? It's really an insult. We all know Laverio, Carpenter or D'amato will get it!! Thats a given. I'll bet ya a penny. The good ole boys in action, at its us the shaft yet again. Oh, and make sure to put 6 cops out there to direct traffic and rake in overtime too...for at least a few weeks. God knows that a general labor construction worker couldn't handle that job, right?

Anonymous said...

George has been pushing to widen Center street for years, to further enhance the value of his property, as the city has done so many times.

The left turn is not that much of a proplem, there are significant tie ups elsewhere.

D'Amato won't get the project: he and George do not see eye to eye.

This certainly is not the biggest issue facing the city now, but it is a political one.