March 15, 2009

Video that a Central student made about Henry Waye, Jr

Video created by Bristol Central High School junior Noelle Rondini:

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Anonymous said...

It's very sad to watch.

Anonymous said...

Steve: Not to be a grinch, but please! Is there nothing happening in Bristol except for people feeling sorry for this poor kid and his family?!? You must have at least five separate threads running on this one issue.

Steve Collins said...

12:10 --
I don't consider you a Grinch. But the simple reality is that we have two reporters covering Bristol. This is the big story of the moment so I have to be on it. Of course other thins are falling by the wayside. Something has to give. And I understand that this blog is more geared to politics and government so many of its readers are only marginally interested in Henry Waye, Jr.