March 31, 2009

Come out and talk to our publisher and editor

There's a meeting at the Main Library this evening from 6 to 7:30 or so where anyone who wants to ask questions or offer ideas can speak directly with the editor and the publisher of The Bristol Press. The meeting rooms are on the ground floor, for those who haven't been there yet. It's a nice setup.
I'm sure lots of you will want to attend to urge them to give me a fat raise.
Oh, and you folks who want me fired? You can go to the library in East Haddam. ;)

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Tim Gamache said...

Dissappointing turnout.Maybe it would have helped to have something about forum on front page as opposed to page three?Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Where/what is the "Main Library"?
Is that where you go all the time even though you're not a Bristol tax payer?

Steve Collins said...

The Main Library is the name the Bristol Public Library has for its historic quarters on High Street I didn't name it.

Anonymous said...

Waste of time.

Grateful Reader said...

you naysayers can't even appreciate the efforts of the newspaper principals when they come out to sit down and listen to YOUR questions, suggestions and ideas about the newspaper that you have been complaining about for the past umpteen years?
I personally commend the Bristol Press for seeking advice about how to best deliver the best product possible to the subscribers and the community as a whole.

Anonymous said...

LETS get real we dont have a local papper.

travelinman682003 said...

i would love to see a bristol most wanted section in the paper,i think it would bring in more readers and would be great public relations for the police and community not to mention a drop in crime in this city.
by doing this it would also be doing something no other paper is doing.and if their are registered sex offenders that are not in compliance trying to hide out in other neighborhoods let the public help the police keep these sicko's on a short leash so the rest of our children are safe.thank you for your time ,you can pass this on to whoever you like