March 6, 2009

Alcohol may be factor in hit and run

Police are investigating whether the unidentified owner of a white pickup truck that struck and killed 14-year-old Henry Waye on George Street last night was drunk at the time of the accident.
Lt. Edward Spyros said this morning that Waye, who lives on Hull Street, died at 10:40 last night, several hours after he was hit by the truck.
At the time, Waye and a friend were walking their bikes uphill on George Street just past the Elks Club parking lot. They were on the east side of the street, facing traffic, Spyros said.
The truck was heading in the same direction so it apparently crossed over into the northbound lane before striking Waye.
The driver kept going. Frantic neighbors called the police.
Spyros said that police located the truck in "the George Street area" about 45 minutes later and found the owner 15 minutes after that.
He was apparently drinking.
Mayor Art Ward said police told him that the driver was intoxicated and suicidal at the time.
But Spyros said he didn't know if that was correct. He said, though, that "alcohol may be a factor" in the accident.
"I would not say he was drunk," Spyros said.
It may be impossible for police to say whether the driver was drunk at the time of the accident if he claims to have started drinking afterward.
Spyros said the truck has been impounded by police and they are seeking a search warrant to take forensic evidence from it.
He said no arrests are expected soon because of the time it will take to complete an investigation.
An autopsy is slated this morning on Waye by the medical examiner's office.
Spyros said the other boy who was walking with Waye was not injured.

Update: Henry, a freshman at Bristol Central High School took a top honor in last year's Connecticut Scholastic Art Awards and Competition for a print he made while a Memorial Boulevard Middle School student.
Waye captured a Silver Key Award for a monoprint that he made as an eighth grader.
Last May, he was confirmed as a member of the Grace Lutheran Church in Plainville.
The Waye family has owned a two-family home on Hull Street since 1980 so it's likely Henry lived there his entire life.

Police press release:


RE: George St. Pedestrian Accident

On March 5, 2009 at approximately 2240 hours, the pedestrian involved in the motor vehicle accident on George Street has died from the injuries sustained in the accident.

He is identified as:

Henry Waye     Age: 14

69 Hull St.

Bristol Ct

Police have located the vehicle involved in the accident and have interviewed the operator. The operator is a resident of the George Street area.

At this time, no arrest has been made. This is an active investigation.

Anyone who has information about this accident is urged to contact Bristol Police at (860) 584-3000.  [And me, too! - 584-0501 x. 254]

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Anonymous said...

I would hope that Mayor Wards unnecessary and inappropriate comment does not prejudice any prosecution in this case.

The situation is sad. I grieve for the parents and family, and certainly want to see the law implemented to the fullest.

Let the police do their work. Let the police comment when appropriate.

Steve Collins said...

You don't think the police know what they were told? How could the mayor's comments undermine anything?

Steve said...

As an expectant father, I can only imagine the grief the parents must be facing today. My heartfelt sympathy to those suffering.

Anonymous said...


As a city official, who knows how his unnecessary comments will be handled by a lawyer, looked at by a judge?

Does his "opinion" have any affect on those that work for him?

Totally uncalled for, but obviously a way to get ones name in the paper.

Anonymous said...

After 15 years I would have thought that Art would know enough not to comment on an ongoing investigation.

Anonymous said...

So.... Who was driving the truck that hit the kid?

Why is this person's identity being protected? Print his name for all to see, arrest the S.O.B. and charge him, at the very least, with reckless driving.

This smells like a cover up.

Who is the driver?

Anonymous said...

Only a total butt-hole would use a tragedy like this to try to stick it to the mayor. Pathetic!

more normal said...

lot of pathetic nerds on this blog.

Anonymous said...


And what if the driver got off because the mayors comments, and maybe involvement, prejudiced the case?

Anonymous said...

i knew the kid. i was close with him, but not bestfriends. im gonna miss that kid, he was a real cool dude to be with

Anonymous said...

Nobody is trying to take shots at Ward for no reason, he brought this on himself by getting involved in something he shouldn't have. And even if it is unlikely to be problem, that involvement could screw up getting justice for this innocent kid.

Anonymous said...

stop knocking the mayor for simply informing the residents of this city on this tragedy!

Anonymous said...

the jerk should have stopped regardless of his being drunk or straight ! and at least tried to help the boy! his life could have been saved you just dont know! just the fact that you didnt stop spells murder case closed

Sacquatch said...

Something dose not seem right. Sometimes they release the name and some times they do not.
I feel that the police are holding back the name of the driver so no one will take it upon themself to take this matter into their owns hands. They must also build a good case or this driver will get off.
It is wrong to have left this person to died like the driver did. He should at least been arrested on the spot for leaving the scene of an accident. They do that with hit and run car accidents.

Sacquatch said...

I know the family and even if the driver had stop there was not a thing he could have done to change the out come.
But him stopping would have shown some caring where is running and not reporting it shows how heartless the driver is.

Anonymous said...

What is Ward doing spaking out on this issue to begin with? It's not his Duty. He needs to let the Police do their job. I can't help but wonder if the driver had just left from the bar at the B.P.O.E. and just speed out the back parking lot onto George St. It's tragic and sad.

Embarrassed for you said...

8:56 - Your assumptions and innuendos are pointless. The mayor only repeated what he was told to a reporter who probably asked. WHO CARES! A family is suffering a horrible loss and all you can do is conjecture and point fingers. PATHETIC!

The ONLY thing we should be discussing at this time is what we can do as a community for the family of this child.

Anonymous said...


Do you really think that it is the mayors duty to report on Police matters such as this?

Surely the media was aware and contacted the PD, who has the reported information.

Anonymous said...

There have been other tragic fatalities in this City, some equally tragic as this one like the August 2007 crash that took 4 lives, and there have others that need not be mentioned here.

A young life who had endured so much with the loss of his Mom, a student who showed talent and promise for a bright future has left us and we need at this time to pray for the family and the rest of those that are touched saddly by this horrific event.

Let justice be done in it's proper way.

Anonymous said...

This was my friend bestfriend. i hope he gets the justace that he and his family needs!!!!!!!!