March 20, 2009

Simmons takes aim at Dodd in Bristol speech

A former congressman who is taking aim at U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd told Bristol Republicans Friday that his opponent “used his office for personal gain.”

Rob Simmons, the likely GOP candidate in 2010 for the Senate seat held by Dodd, said that Connecticut’s senior senator has taken sweetheart deals from mortgage companies he regulates, made money off an Irish cottage deal he made with a former felon and failed to oversee the housing and financial markets that his banking committee has responsibility for keeping an eye on.

Dodd “flip-flopped” this week on the question of whether he approved a bill that allowed AIG executives to receive large bonuses after receiving billions in taxpayer aid, Simmons said, and ultimately said he merely took orders from the treasury secretary.

 “Since when does the powerful chairman of the Senate banking and housing committee take secret orders from the administration to protect millions of dollars of bonuses for bailed out executives?” Simmons asked.

Dodd said in a statement this week that “reports that I changed my position on this issue are simply untrue” and that he has always been a leader in fighting against excessive executive compensation.

Simmons is the only declared Republican senatorial candidate. He announced his intention to run on Sunday, making his foray to Bristol one of his first campaign stops.

Among the other potential Republican contenders is state Sen. Sam Caligiuri of Waterbury.

Simmons told about 60 GOP leaders at Nuchies that he is “proud to be a Republican” and that he is determined to help bring “real change” to Washington.

Emphasizing his commitment to free enterprise and small business, Simmons said that government’s role is to help those who can’t help themselves, not “a way of helping ourselves.”

“We need more good private sector jobs, not public sector bureaucrats,” he said. “We need to grow the economy, not the government.”

Pointing to his background as a U.S. Army officer, Simmons said, “I did not spend four years in Vietnam fighting socialism only to see it promoted here in America.”

Bristol Republicans at the annual Lincoln Day dinner said they were impressed with the former congressman who served southeastern Connecticut from 2000 until 2006.

“He’s spot on,” said former state House Minority Leader Edward Krawiecki, Jr who once recruited Simmons to run for the state legislature.

Simmons “is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge. He’s bright. He’s talented. He understands how America works,” Krawiecki said.

Bristol city Councilor Mike Rimcoski said the “biggest problem” that Simmons faces is that Dodd might not run for reelection.

“I think I could beat Dodd,” said Rimcoski, a veteran Republican councilor.

Republicans honored candidates

As part of their yearly Lincoln Day dinner, the city’s GOP honored its candidates for 2008, including state Rep. Bill Hamzy, a Plymouth Republican whose 78th District includes part of Bristol.

They also honored unsuccessful 77th District contender Jill Fitzgerald and had a moment of silence for both men who ran in the 79th District, Derek Jerome and David Norton, each of whom died.

The party added former city Republican Chairman Whit Betts to its auxiliary to honor his long record of support for the GOP in Bristol.

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Anonymous said...

As a Republican I was excited by Simmons' remarks this evening at the Lincoln Day Dinner.

As an American, I'm saddened by the state of our economy... I want President Obama's and Senator Dodd's spending to work. I want to protect and restore all that has been given to us so that it may be there for future generations. However their plan isn't working. Leaders in Washington, DC, and in Hartford are failing us, the taxpayers. They are implementing the same types of economic policies as other countries have in place - countries that people are jumping over fences to get away from. It scares me.

Good luck Rob Simmons!

Anonymous said...

What, no comment from Johnson?

Was he there?

Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of Dodd and all of those politicians who are in it for their own gain. Kennedy comes to mind, too. I was horrified to read of all the money in the "stimulus package" that goes to Teddy's personal projects. Both of them should be out on their ears.

Concerned Conservative said...

Why does someone think it's necessary to bring up Ken Johnson? This is about the United States Senate. Perhaps one may want to comment on Simmons or the reactions to the political situation here.

I think Rimcoski is a fool for implying that Dodd is easy to beat. The Republicans have never come close to beating him. I'll wager that by November Dodd will have weaseled his way out of this mess pretty well. Republicans who attended this event and who plan on actively supporting Rob Simmons should be concentrating on the positives of Simmons, not making dumb comments to the press. But what does one expect from this crowd?

Anonymous said...

What we really need is a good Democrat to run against Dodd.
Simmons seems like a sincere guy and a decent choice. But lets face it, a Republican probably won't win in CT...just the mere fact that so many older folks vote Democrat across the board everytime, gives Dodd the upperhand. This is pretty much what has happened for the last 25+ years and it's the reason why he is still in office. WE NEED A CHANGE!!! If a good Democrat gives Dodd a run for his money, this would be the best bet and most likely way to get Dodd out of office. Cross your fingers.

Concerned Conservative said...

Well if ones idea of "good" Democrat is really ultra-liberal Democrat and political animal/grand-stander, the "Eternal General" Dick Blumenthal, I must disagree. Blumenthal is a terrible alternative to Dodd and may be even worse.

Simmons is the best choice, regardless, for Senate in 2010.

Anonymous said...

CC It was a Republican Dinner a Republican Event.

Johnson was there, youi weren't.

Johnson is running, for something, and he usually manages to comment and get his name in the paper.

Maybe if you took the time to get involved, your comments could replace Rimcoski's, Johnson's and others.

Concerned Conservative said...

March 22, 2009 3:26 PM:

Your comment is just dumb. Perhaps your lack of thoughtfulness regarding my response is explanation as to why the thought of involvement with this group is so distasteful to me.

Johnson wasn't quoted in this article, so I would assume he would rather not have his name thrown around in this discussion. I believe Johnson has plenty of opportunity to get his name in the paper because of his candidacy for Mayor.

I believe the question as to why Johnson was not quoted to be a sarcastic one. Don't you? By you saying Johnson "manages" to get his name in the paper, like he's some kind of hack, doesn't sound like you care for the man's actions too much. Why make such a cynical sounding comment if you were there supporting the Republicans? Perhaps Johnson is concentrating on local issues?

As far as myself, I never asked to have any comment of mine quoted by Collins.

And as far as Rimcoski, he is an elected Republican official so his comment was posted. I think he's mistaken to think Dodd is an easy win againt, and again I think his comment that he "could beat Dodd" sounded dumb. He'll be lucky to get re-elected to the city council.

If you are saying it that you think it'd be good for me to get involved with the Bristol GOP or the Democrats, I appreciate the flattery. However, I consider both a waste of my time, even more than responding to people like you on this blog. So from now on I won't.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong Concerned citizen? A bit touchy when Republicans are talked about ?

Anonymous said...


Well I accomplished something positive: but how will you which comment not to respond to?

Or will you continue to cop out?

Concerned Conservative said...

March 23, 2009 6:34 AM:

You can talk about Ken Johnson as much as you want, even when the subject is Rob Simmons and the US Senate. You just sound like a f___ing moron doing so.

March 23, 2009 10:54 AM:

I think you need to proof-read your responses more because your statement doesn't make any sense.

As far as "copping out", I guess I'm happy to just keep doing so, thanks...LOL!

Anonymous said...

The very statement "Republicans never win in CT" is a self fulfilling prophecy. While the right side is outnumbered in the state, if the state truly wants change it would vote for the right. Let's face it, Democrats have gotten Connecticut into a mess of trouble with our economy, why would you assume they will get us out?

Instead of naysaying and suggesting that Republicans can't win in the state, why doesn't everyone take a more concerted effort to promote a change to a slightly more Republican representation in our state and local government?

Anonymous said...

All I know is that I am not re-electing ANYONE currently in office. Good or bad record. It doesn't matter. I want all new faces. If I have to vote Democrat, Republican or a Third Party, I will....across the board. Whatever it takes to get some new faces and ideals in there. They will have my vote. I dont care about sticking with a certain party anymore. Times have changed. I need to vote for whomever is going to actually look out for the little guy, the common person. Someone who will get things done and actually give a damn. Most politicians currently in office just don't care why the hell should I? And if they do care, it's only about themselves or because they can benefit from it. They are too comfortable sitting there making stupid laws that don't help anyone, spending money we don't have and collecting their fat checks and kickbacks from special interest groups. F'em all!!
I'm done. I've had it. They are all out of office if I have my way this election. My vote is going to speak volumes and I hope you choose to do the same. Even if it means crossing party lines, i'm doing it. I'd rather cross a party line than have to deal with an unemployment or food pantry line !!! How about you? Enough is enough. It's time we help make the United States, United again.

Concerned Conservative said...

Said Simmons:

“We need more good private sector jobs, not public sector bureaucrats,”

"We need to grow the economy, not the government.”

“I did not spend four years in Vietnam fighting socialism only to see it promoted here in America.”

****Yeah!! This guy is GREAT!!!

***Note to Bristol GOP, Simmons comments illustrate what Republicans are supposed to be for.

Anonymous said...

2:04, I wish I could give a more concerted effort to support republicans in Bristol but the candidates the BRTC has given us aren't worth supporting.The BRTC needs to understand that the citizens of Bristol will not elect Ken Johnson for mayor and hopefully won't re-elect Ken Cockayne for city council. These two have given the republican party a negative image and that will not change until they are out of Bristol politics. Ken and Ken have been the mouth piece for the republican party for far too long and they have had nothing but negative comments and temper tantrums to offer.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Conservative,the Bristol GOP does not have the time to do anything constructive,they are far too busy following the mayor around and criticizing his every move. Wake up BRTC!!!

Concerned Conservative said...

March 23, 2009 10:20 PM:

You are wrong. "Ken and Ken" haven't been what the Bristol GOP has been giving us for a long time. They are relatively new.

Ken Cockayne is a fiscal conservative, and good Republican and an asset to Bristol.

Your statements are unfounded. There are many problems with the Bristol GOP one is the lack of quality leadership from the town committee. Johnson seems to be the only one interested in running and again Cockayne is a strong fiscal conservative.

Anonymous said...

CC you are the one who is wrong!!!
When you described Cockayne as as asset you added too many letters, you should not have added the ET.
The Ken and Ken show may be relatively new but it is already old. All these two have done is complain and have offered no real solutions to the issues facing Bristol. As far as Cockayne being a "good republican",you may be right, Good For Nothing.
If the BRTC continues to support these two negative candidates it will almost guarentee a Democratic victory come election time!!!

Anonymous said...

2:04 Right on the money!!! Why can't the BRTC see it?

Anonymous said...

CC, which Ken are you? You are obvoiusly in denial about the republican party in Bristol.

Anonymous said...

9:10 has it right. Just say NO to the KEN and KEN show!!!