March 27, 2009

Ex-GOP state House candidate jailed

Missed this story in yesterday's Hartford Courant, but I'm sure I'm not alone in finding it interesting: Chuck DiBiaso, who ran unsuccessfully against Democratic state Rep. Roger Michele in 2004 has been tossed in prison for at least 27 months for trying to arrange a sexual romp with a 15-year-old girl who turned out to be a Bloomfield police officer.

PS: To the guy who accused me of covering up the crime because I'm so fond of Republicans, please, get a life. Do you think I check the arrest dockets in Bloomfield or wherever? How the heck would I know about this thing? I don't possess a crystal ball that automatically serves up every potential story 24/7.
Along that same vein, readers, if you know about a story that you haven't seen on here or in the paper, let me know about it! In the end, we rely on the community to tell us what's going on. We are a tiny handful of journalists scrambling every day, not an omniscent army. We need your help.
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Anonymous said...

Steve, as a suggestion, you should somehow put a "contact me" link on your blog. There has been several times in the past I wanted to offer a story to you, but was unable to locate your email address. I know you've posted it several times in the past, but when I need it I can't find it. Also, I have sent a few emails to you in the past, asking questions etc and you never replied :( Thanks for the work you do and this Blog. Its informative and entertaining....not to mention sometimes enlightening LOL

yawn said...

3:02 - seems as though you are somewhat lazy or stupid - if he's posted it a couple of times, what don't you get?

Anonymous said...

Maybe DiBiaso and Waterbury's former mayor can share a cell together. Talk about sleazy politicians - this is the lowest of low. Is he on the sex offenders list now. To make things worse I heard he ran some kind of religious store. Can anyone confirm that?

Concerned Conservative said...

This is relatively shocking. Was he not aware of the age of consent?


Too bad he wasn't rich like Elliot Spitzer (former Governor of NY). He could have just paid for it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Bristol GOP should add the question: "Have you ever or plan to procure sex with a minor?" to their new candidate questionaire for prospective candidates.

Anonymous said...

"Fond of Republicans"? Don't let Sarno find out.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation - I still haven't seen an article on Dibiaso in the Press. Maybe they are pro-Republican. Bill Sarno - care to comment?