March 10, 2009

Potholes a growing problem

With the constant freezing and thawing of the ground, the city’s streets are beginning to look like an obstacle course.
“It’s been a very, very unusual year,” Mayor Art Ward told city councilors Tuesday.
He said the constantly shifting temperatures have made the pothole problem worse than ever this spring.
Public works crews patch the holes as best they can, officials said, but until spring arrives and the asphalt plants open again, it’s hard to make good repairs.
Ward asked the public to “bear with us” as employees seek to keep the streets safe until they can be fixed properly.
Public works “will get to it as soon as possible,” the mayor said.
Potholes generally form when moisture creeps into or under the pavement, freezes and thaws, weakening the asphalt. Traffic can make the weakened roadway crumble.
Spring is always the worst season for potholes, of course, because there have been months of moisture and below freezing temperatures.
As the air warms up, the problems grow worse.
Typically, though, road repairs are made relatively quickly once the asphalt plants are open and long-lasting fixes become possible.

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Anonymous said...

I'd still like to know why Upper North Main St. still looks like a war zone. Sure the new sidewalks look ok, but the road is terrible and I think a portion was repaved.

Anonymous said...

Street conditions are significantly the result of Nicastro not putting enough money into road repair (Ward was PW Budget Chair)

Couture and Stortz played catch up, but there is still a way to go.

Course, Ward will blame everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Lets see what Ward and Mize do with the PW budget.
Of course, Mize will have a nice new street, with curbs.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising.
Ward has let the city go downhill: Street, curbs, signs, roadside barriers are all looking shabby.

Couture tried to clean the city up after Nicastro.
Stortz wasn't bad, but things have really gone downhill in the past year or so.

Will take some doing to get it back in shape.

Anonymous said...

Who is the contractor?

Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be that Ward is spending the city's limited funds wisely instead of painting guide rails and fixing curbs? Those are important but in these times we have to give up something. Those seem like good choices to me.

Anonymous said...

Yah, like burning two sets of street lights on N. Main Street, and overlighting the drag strip on James P. Casey.
Yep, watching out for our dollars he is.

Anonymous said...

Ditto 9:47

Anonymous said...

Geez, you guys gonna blame the mayor for the winter weather that caused the potholes too? What a bunch of pinheads....

You've got to be kidding said...

"Yep, watching out for our dollars he is."

Gee, nice nitpicking Master Yoda.

doom and gloom said...

maybe some of you naysayers should lay down in these potholes - we'll let you know when enough of you have filled them up.

Anonymous said...


Like having three wokers sweep the Mall Parking lot again (today)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they plan on using the sand to fill the potholes.

Potholes happen every year: the city should PLAN for them in a better manner.

Remember, the buck stops on the third floor 111 North Main street.

Anonymous said...

When you see a deteriorating condition in Sept., you know that it will be bad in March.

Art, look and plan ahead.

Maple Street, on the hill is a good example.

Anonymous said...

"Art, look and plan ahead"

Ya Art, whip out the crystal ball and the weather maps!

Geez, now we should expect the mayor to be a fortune teller AND a meteorologist to boot!

Anonymous said...

When the road needs repair in Sept, FIX it in Sept. Then the problem won't be there in March.

Weather forcaster?? How long has Ward lived in New England?

Managers lok ahead, not back, mamagers plan, not sit on their hands.

Actually we just expect him to do his job!

Managers do that, not Art.

And we are paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:46, I agree. And thats exactly why we need a Town Manager...not a Mayor!! This message was brought to you by Craig Yard & Co. lol jk

Embarrassed for you said...

Gee 3:46 ~ I've lived in New England my whole life and I've seen some winters that were mild with no snow and some that were frigid with piles of it. I've also seen pot holes every year (imagine that!), some years much worse than others. I'm not sure exactly what it is you think Ward could do to "prepare" for pot holes. None of the other mayors seemed to have found a way to prepare for them either. Guess it's too bad we can't plug them up with bullsh-t, cuz it sure seems like we've got plenty of that floating around...;0)

Anonymous said...

If the mayor isn't responsible, who is?

We don't have a COO.

Anonymous said...

Common sense and good management will tell you that pot holes, in addition to being a pain for drivers, also accelerate the deterioration of the base of the road, ultimately bringing about the need for greater and more EXPENSIVE repairs.

So, is Artie really looking out for the taxpayer?

Anonymous said...

7:41 ~ Common sense will tell you that pot holes happen EVERY year. Always have and probably always will. Winter isn't even over and you're already trying to blame Artie for this year's crop. Geez, sounds like the anti-Ward folks are really grasping at straws now!

Anonymous said...

Was Art mayor last September when the deterioration FIRST became apparent?

Create a problem, fix a problem, look like a hero!

Anonymous said...

Art seems to have an excuse for everything.

"Not my Yob"

Anonymous said...

How about repairing the city installed sidewalks on N.Main street that are falling apart after only 2-3 years?

A shabby 3 million dollar fisaco.

Anonymous said...

It is not just potholes, it is a lot more.

Streets, curbs, signs, safety barriers, blight, general deterioration and lack of enforcement all are becoming more evident under Ward.

Couture started to clean up the city, Stortz continued that effort, but Ward is going BACKWARD in this area.

We do need a change!

Anonymous said...

9:27, If Ward sunk money into the streets, curbs, signs, safety barriers, blight, general deterioration, you'd probably be the first one screaming that he was wasting our tax dollars...there's just no pleasing some people.

Anonymous said...


Those items ARE the citys responsibility. They were done by other mayors, and will have to be done eventyually.

Ward is just putting them off, at greater expense to the taxpayer.

Ward is being derelect in not doing the job, and is copping out so that he can look good with his union buddies by not laying people off.

It is clear that staff can be reduced, he is just afraid to make the tough decisions.

Certainly not a manager.

Anonymous said...

Just how long are we going to have to "bear with" Ward?

Anonymous said...

Those items ARE the citys responsibility

Yup, and in this failing economy, those are the first things that need to go. Ward's managing just fine.

Anonymous said...

He can't fix potholes, but he can sweep the City Hall Parking lot every week.


Anonymous said...

I would think that pot holes are a higher priority than a vegetable garden (which won't be free)!

But Artie doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Why not just suck it up and PAVE the roads.

Iyt is irritating and expensive to continue doing patch work.

Or is that the ijmage Bristol is seeking?

Thanks Art!