March 3, 2009

Rockwell Park vandalized again

Vandals struck Rockwell Park again last weekend.

Someone painted symbols all over the Pavilion near the playground and on the historic bathhouse beside the drained lagoon, according to Park Director Ed Swicklas.

“We see the same thing up and down Park Street,” Swicklas said, so he suspects young people in the neighborhood struck the buildings with spray paint.

“We’ll wind up painting the whole freakin’ thing over,” Swicklas said, costing the taxpayers hundreds of dollars.

Swicklas said that Rockwell Park, which is in the midst of a massive renovation, “is the worst right now” for vandalism. Other city parks have been left pretty much alone, he said.

The park boss said he thinks the vandals hit on Friday or Saturday night, before the snow fell on Sunday.

It doesn’t appear that the new skatepark was damaged, he said.

Swicklas said the city will probably spray paint over the vandalism soon and then repaint the entire structures later.

Swicklas said that when the park’s renovation is complete, he hopes there will be enough people in the park to keep a better eye on miscreants.

He said that he’s also exploring cameras and other electronic devices to help protect the park.


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Marc said...

The city should just give up and sell the park to developers. It will help the budget problems the city faces.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that entire area doesn't deserve a park. It's just a pit of poverty and filth.

Anonymous said...

This area was a lot better before they cleaned up union street now all the....moved to park street area and turned it into the P.J.'s.

Anonymous said...

I think that the city should rename the park in honor of my friend, Henry Waye who im sure you all know passed away in the accident on George Street, he was truely a great kid.