March 3, 2009

Craig Minor may lose his day job

Cromwell Town Planner Craig Minor, a Bristol city councilor, could be one of five town employees laid off to save money, according to this story.
It's pretty damn clear that Minor and the leading politician in Cromwell don't get along.
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Concerned Conservative said...

Since Mr. Minor has declared his intention not to seek office this year, I find it distasteful that the media must make public his employment status.

Steve Collins said...

Oh, come on. I like Craig. I'm not pointing this out to embarrass him. It looks to me like it's Cromwell that ought to be ashamed of itself. Getting rid of its planner? Good grief. How nakedly political.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not political. When money is tight and layoffs are necessary, the town planner should be the first to go. You can't lay off the police chief or the superintendent of schools or the public works director.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Art doesn't have the courage to reduce staff!

Anonymous said...

Craig Minor for Mayor of Bristol!

Kinda has a nice ring to it.

Come on Craig, take Arty down!!!!

Anonymous said...

Concerned Conservative

You are such a hypocrite.

You bash people left and right and then have the nerve to criticize Steve for being distasteful.

Look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

His private employment is public knowledge. I no wrong with this article.

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked in the Middletown Press in these two articles there were 173 Comments. There is a small war going on in Cromwell between citizens for and agaisnt Shingleton.

Anonymous said...

Craig Minor will probably jump in and run for mayor, just so Johnson can get elected.

Minor supported Johnson 2 years ago, and is aligned with him now.

Stay tuned.

Concerned Conservative said...

March 4, 2009 8:53 AM:

Too bad you have no common sense. The man (Minor) is leaving public office, not trying to influence public policy. He deserves privacy just as any private citizen does. Public political people are open to criticism and scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

"Minor supported Johnson 2 years ago, and is aligned with him now.

Stay tuned."


...and look how well that worked!

Anonymous said...


But running will siphon off some democrat votes.

Of course I don't think that Johnson has gained any ground in the past two years.