March 30, 2009

New GOP contender for 2nd District City Council seat

Here's something from Richard Scarola, a Republican who is running for a 2nd District City Council seat: 

I believe that government owes its existence to the very people it serves. It exists to serve the people, not the other way around.  Over the course of the last few administrations I fear that our leaders have lost site of this fact.  Taxes in Bristol seem to go up every year with no end in sight and I believe we are dangerously close to the “point of no return.” Frustration and resentment towards elected officials has built across this nation and in our own town too and people are losing faith.  Elected officials are no longer respected, they are distrusted.  I am hoping to be a leader who changes that. 

I am a proponent of disciplined budget management and fiscal restraint. By being disciplined and providing a fair and just tax code that the hard working citizens of this city deserve I believe we can maintain the outstanding municipal services citizens have come to expect while balancing the budget.

I also believe we should actively recruit and retain “technology ready” companies to this town to bolster our employment rate and lower our tax base. “Technology ready” is planning for the future. “Shovel ready” is not. In order for Bristol to excel into the future, we must be ready to lead with bold new ideas and to embrace positive change as it comes.  

We must offer the best education we can provide for our children. Outstanding education equips our children with the tools that they need to achieve their share of the American Dream.  A superior educational system not only helps our children and the future of this country, but it also has practical and immediate impact on the value of properties and the reputation of our town. 

I am running for city council because I want to make a difference.  I am proud to be from Bristol and I hope to be a part of an administration that the people of this town can have faith in and be proud of too.  This is why I am announcing my candidacy for Bristol City Council, 2nd District.

Work Experience:

8 years United States Marine, Corps Camp Lejuene, N.C.

  • 3 years Army National Guard, Brainard Field, Hartford, Ct.
  • 5 years General Manager of Sbarro’s Pizzeria, Richardson Mall, Hartford, Ct.
  • 3 years President of the Business for downtown Hartford. (Richardson Mall representative.)
  • 5 years Federal Corrections Officer, US. Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Danbury, Ct.
  • 2 years Home Improvement Contractor, self-employed, Bristol, Ct.


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Anonymous said...

Richard,stay away from Ken Johnson and Ken Cockayne and you will do great!!! These two will drag you down with them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Bristol GOP for recruiting another new person to their ticket. Now, get your message of reduced spending, and economic development out to the public.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he could be Ken Johnson's brother: or is he prepping to play Daddy Warbucks?

Concerned Conservative said...
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Anonymous said...


Don't listen to the clue-less newbies on your GOP district committee. If Johnson does bad you're doomed.

Anonymous said...

Wht does he want to lower our tax base?

Anonymous said...

Concerned Coservative = Councilman Cockayne.

Concerned Conservative said...

I like the message of reduced spending, but what exactly is his education policy? It sounds like spending to me.

Also why are candidates from the party of fiscal conservatism endorsing the building of new schools (an utter waste of tax payer money)?

a concerned conservative and a Cockayne supporter (even though he voted to buy into that lousy plan for the school on Matthew's Street..a move I DO NOT support).

Anonymous said...

Has he ever been to a city meeting?

Anonymous said...

I hope not. I want fresh blood for us to tear apart. If he has been to a city meeting he will probably be prepared to defend himself.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares if he has been to a city meeting? If he is throwing his hat in the ring I am sure he has been to some anyway. With the leadership that both parties have been trotting out lately, some one new would be great. Give the new candidates a chance b/f we start knocking them. This guy is a veteran. We already knows he has courage and strength of character. I liked his announcement too. I think he hit it right on the nose how people are feeling these days.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if this guy got in. That would give us two Republicans - him and Cockayne. Rimcocki is a RINO so he doesn't count.

Anonymous said...


Where has his interest been before now?

What does he know about City Government?

Reduce our tax base???

This is not a game for amateurs.

Anonymous said...

Rimcoski kind of looks like a rhino, but he's not a R.I.N.O.
Actually Stortz and about 75% of the RTC are RINOs but not Rimcoski. He's a conservative.

Anonymous said...


What are you talking about with "reduce our tax base"?

I'm not trying to be argumentative. I read and re-read his statement and I am honestly not sure what you mean.

Anonymous said...

"This guy is a veteran. We already knows he has courage and strength of character."

No it doesn't. It means that he served in the military. Nothing more.

gop - normal said...

scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrry - read these entries, some of these people might even get off their ass-s and go out to vote - oops, that's in November - forget it.

Anonymous said...

The way it is written, I guess it could be taken both ways but judging by his outline, I think he means that by recruiting and retaining business he will lower the tax base/burden of the property owners. Comments like disciplined budget management and fiscal restraint would lead me to believe he will either hold the line on taxes or fight to lower them. As stated, he is new, he will need to find his legs and hopefully the RTC supports him with that, he's a vet so hopefully up to the challenge of a fight for this seat. Amatuers? surely you see what we have had in the city government for guite some time. The message may not be perfect, but I am interseted in hearing more specifics.

Anonymous said...

Hold on. Why are you tearing this guy apart? Ken Johnson's brother, I think not. I am with a couple of other people who don't want to post but by judging from what he said, there are a few ways to read into some things. The tax base? Judging by what he said previous and post he seems to be a true conservative so I am going with the recruting and retention of business to lower the tax burden on the property tax side. Just a hynch and only judging by how he phrased it. Why is everyone here so negative to give anyone new a chance. Personally I would rather not have him on any boards, AMATUERS have been running the city into a hole for decades and I would liek to give someone that is excited about the position a chance. I really liek the phrase disciplined budget management and fiscal restraint. You guys are on him, but name me one time in the past 6 cycles this has happened. Education, not sure what he wants to do but I would really liek to hear more.In the best case scenerio if we were to get a
republican majority and they do nothing, kick them back out into the streets and say "You had your chance." It's only 2 years, who knows give some new blood a chance and if they dont perform we will still be better off than the same clowns you keep voting in year after year. Since they are new Republicans, I would like to hear more. This could work


Anonymous said...

Rimcoski is far from a RINO. His mantra is "NO" to any tax increase. I would say that makes him a bone-fide Republican.

chris wilson said...

By the litmus test used here was Nelson Rockefeller a Republican?

Was George Bush I a republican?

Was Richard Nixon a republican?

not sure what a bona fide republican means?

Anonymous said...


You're bona fide wishy-washy

Anonymous said...

If you reduce our tax base, then the remainder of the taxpayers have a bigger burden.

Maybe he meant something different, but isn't that the problem with politicians, they don't say what they mean?

Also, name one candidate that DIDN'T want to recruit new businesses and expand businesses.
Except maybe Nicastro, when he lost Yarde Metals.

This new guy sounds nice, but one has to know their way around the system to get it to work.

I don't think he talked to, or will listen to, anybody.

Concerned Conservative said...

Evidently this fellow running for council is not fluent in "government-speak", he should have had someone proof-read his letters or he's just not well-spoken (to be kind).

Obviously the guy would or isn't for lessening the "tax base" otherwise known as the tax-payers or more plainly, businesses. I believe he means to lower the tax-burden on home-owners and businesses, which would be result from business expansion (an increased tax base).

So, I guess the bottom line is his heart and head are in the right place, his press releases are just not very well written.

Anonymous said...


Are you his official interpreter?

Can't he speak for himself?

Sounds like he is a one man band.

Anonymous said...

We have always had some degree of fiscal restraint.
Each and every mayor could spend more than they did.
Some are more responsible in promoting a budget that actually helps promote and develop the city.

For those of us follow government, the BIGGEST factor in attracting people, the right people, is EDUCATION, not lower taxes. Check it out: I have.
Just recently there was an article in the Globe spelling that out very clearly.

So, it is just possible that Zero growth and development might just be counter productive.

Richard P. Scarola said...

Greetings fellow Republicans:

Since I am a virtual "unknown" within this party and this town, I would like to take the first step in establishing my identity and the beliefs which I stand for. First and foremost, I believe that this mentality that we are the party of "the rich" has to be squashed. We are portrayed as the two old men sitting in the balcony from The Muppets and in this day and age that isn't so. Unfortunately, over the course of the last few decades, it has been hammered into the psyche of this town that we are exactly that.
So, how does one change that? My press release was a general, "politically correct" or as PC as I could make it attempt to introduce myself to the voters of this town without stepping on anybody's toes.
Could it have been better, sure. Remember that I a newcomer to this so I do not come with the most eloquent speaking or writing skills. That can and will be made better over time as I get used to speaking in front of crowds,debating etc. As a Republican, I feel I should run on my own beliefs and merits which I hope to address in this post.
First and foremost, I believe that by actively recruiting "technology ready" businesses(as stated in my press release) this will lower the tax base for the property owners of this town. Have other leaders tried to recruit business? Absolutely. Were they successful? In most cases, no. I will take an active approach to recruiting "technology ready" businesses to this town. If I fail, the burden will not be passed on to the property owners and hard working citizens of this town. We will at that point have to look at the budget just like we look at our personal budgets and make hard, firm but fair cuts. I have had experience in the restaurant industry managing a P/L between 180K and 350K and also in the Federal Prison System as a Food Service Supervisor. Our budget in food service was 1.2 million dollars per year. As to our present situation in Bristol, I have printed out the entire Budget for the 2009 fiscal year and my homework from now until election day is to read every line and suggest changes where I feel they are needed. As it stands now and as I believe it stood in most years, there is more than enough money in the budget. It is my belief as a Republican that I ensure that it is managed and spent effectively, giving the taxpayer the most "bang" for their contribution to government. As far as education is concerned, I am a proponent of a pro-choice, non government voucher system. You as a taxpayer have the right to choose where your child should go to school and I believe that school competition will yield effective education. Every cent that goes into our education system needs to be spent ensuring that our children have the tools to succeed. I am paraphrasing this but at our last town committee meeting at the Board of Education, the mission statement of the Bristol Public School System hangs right on the wall. It reads something to this effect: The BPS philosophy is to ensure that all students have the tools to exceed in higher educational institutions and college. Is this happening? Judging by the online education scores that I saw, no. Will I vote to increase funds to our education system. NO. At this point there is plenty. Outstanding teachers need to be rewarded. Incompetent teachers should look for work elsewhere. At 64% give or take of your money going to the public education system I think that is more than fair to ask.
Do we have equal representation? I don't believe so. I would like to create as many avenues as possible, i.e. Blogging, Facebook, Town-hall meetings etc. to keep my constituents abreast of all that is happening. It is also your duty as a hard working taxpayer to become involved in this process. There is a lot that needs to be changed in this town. I can't do it by myself. Democrats will support democrats no matter how good or bad they are, just to have a democrat on the ticket. Republicans more so than ever need to band together at this point in history and demand absolute accountability from their elected representatives. I welcome you to join my facebook page and I welcome you to join the blog page that I will be starting so you get a better feel for my beliefs. The time for change has never been more evident than now. Will it be perfect change? Probably not, if elected, I will be honored to be your City councilman and if I succeed, it will be because of you and I promise that I will listen to you and not recklessly spend your money. You have worked hard to earn it and I have a fundamental belief that it is yours to spend without government interference. Thank you. Richard P. Scarola

Concerned Conservative said...

Ha ha, no I never heard of the guy. But give him a break, I'm sure he doesn't want to drive companies (the tax base) out of the city.

On the other hand this is what you get from the Bristol Republicans after years of "the leaders" driving viable candidates away.


Concerned Conservative said...

"Could it have been better, sure" (sic) should be in the form of a question.

Note GOP to candidate: Be against the new schools (and other stupid spending schemes such as the "community theater) and I'll vote for you. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...


Where do you stand with Ken Johnson?

Or are YOU running for Mayor?

GOP FAN said...

The city has been in a planning nightmare for years. Education, traffic, and spending that is out of control(purchase of the mall). The development of the city requires a higher level of displine that I certainly think Richard can put the city to the test.

Richard P. Scarola said...

Hi all:
Just trying to bring myself into the "technology age" and have a little fun. If you like you can find my Facebook page Richard Scarola, Republican for city council at this link: Copy and paste it to your URL website bar. I have some fun things, a little background and also a blog site where you can read more about my personal and political beliefs concerning the Feds, the state, and local government. I look forward to some warmer weather so I can get out and begin my door todoor campaign to meet all of you. Regards, Richard

Odin said...

"I really like the phrase disciplined budget management and fiscal restraint. You guys are on him, but name me one time in the past 6 cycles this has happened."

There's a reason political wannabees run on a "fiscal restraint" platform and then vote for more spending and higher taxes after they get elected. It's because once they get in and learn how municipal government really works (as opposed to what their ideology led them to believe!) they do what needs to be done.

Concerned Conservative said...

Yeah right Odin, feed the hungry monster that your party created, and the one you're obviously a part of.

"Disciplined budget management and fiscal restraint" all the way!

Here's some examples one could start (or stop) with:

1) The mall debacle
2) The "new schools" scheme
3) The "community theater" folly
4) The skate park
5) Latin classes
6) A new city hall
7) Out of control public employee compensation
8) Expanding government (ex: the Council)
9) School admionistration
10) City purchase of prvate land (ex: Bugryn land)

Maybe it's hard for "Odin" to envision this "ideology", but it's not for me.

Concerned Conservative said...

When does it end according to O-dumb? Perhaps when we beome a one party communist dictatorship and then fall apart like the Soviet Union? Or maybe we can all be like North Korea where the average height is half a foot less than their capitalist counterparts in the south? Or better yet like Cuba with it's 3rd rate (national) healthcare system?

Really O-dumb, your statememt is really beyond even your usual narrow-minded, neo-socialist blather. Grow up.

The only reason government doesn't go "belly-up" like GM is because gov't can keep rasing taxes. And GM is in the spot it's in because of anti-trust laws.

Richard P. Scarola said...

Hey everyone:

Just had to blog about Bristol's SAT scores. Notice that I made mention the the Bristol Public School System's Mission Statement (which I am a product of) is to prepare each and every student to succeed in college and/or higher education institutions. Roguhly 64% of you hard earned tax dollars go exclusively towards our childrens education in this town. If the "mantra" that we need more money or better facilities surfaces again this fall, as I mentioned in 2 of my previous posts, I will absolutely under any circumstances support either. As in any occupation, those that produce need to be rewarded. Those that don't need to find employment elsewhere. God Bless the children that studied hard and scored well on the SAT. They are our future. Shame on those that are being "enabled" to slide through the system without being challenged. Most people will rise up to the bar, if the bar is raised and more is expected from them as long as an effective leader is instructing them. We can do better and all the children of Bristol deserve better. Regards, Richard

Richard P. Scarola said...

Hi everyone:

First and foremost thanks to Steve and all of you that are joining my facebook page and twitter account. I also started my blog to effectively communicate what I want to run on and to solicit your concerns of this city and especially Council district2. My blog page is: copy and paste it to your browser. Feel free to leave any questions or concerns and I will promptly get back to you. Thank you to those of you that are posting words of encouragement, hopefully I can win your vote this November. Regards, Richard