March 24, 2009

Speaker of the state House to appear in Bristol

The speaker of the House, Democrat Chris Donovan of Meriden, is slated to appear at the legislative forum at Bristol's City Hall on Thursday, according to party leaders and state Rep. Chris Wright, a Bristol Democrat.
Donovan will likely be there at the start of the two hour forum that begins at 6 p.m. in the council chambers, they said. He's due in New Britain at 6:30 so he won't be around long.
State Sen. Tom Colapietro, the Bristol Democrat who put the forum together, expects to have Donovan and the Democrats who represent Bristol. There may be others as well.
State Rep. Bill Hamzy, the Plymouth Republican who represents the 78th District that includes northwestern Bristol, wasn't invited.

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Anonymous said...

So will the Speaker tell us where he thinks we should cut spending? LOL

Anonymous said...

"State Rep. Bill Hamzy, the Plymouth Republican who represents the 78th District that includes northwestern Bristol, wasn't invited."

Now there's a surprise. I thought Tom C. was always reaching across the aisle to work together with eveyone.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Hugo Chavez was unavailable.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you republican partisans. Colapietro wasn't invited to Hamzy's either. But you just like to have something to complain about. I wonder if normal people realize that being partisan like you guys are useless and can't accomplish anything.When are you guys going to realize or admit that you put us in this mess?

Truth Shall Prevail said...

5:17 is correct; last night even the President tried to remind you gop dumbos that he inherited this mess after 8 years of financial turmoil and screw-ups - he didn't create it.

Anonymous said...

11:56- Actually I beg to differ. Obama did help create this mess and didn't just "inherit" it.
Lets not forget that he was a member of Congress before this and was making important votes and decisions that had a major impact on how things are today. He is just as guilty a Dodd, Lieberman and the rest of the Chronies in Washington. All of this didn't "just happen" and wasn't just "inherited"... it was created from bad decisions, greedy and selfish lawmakers, overspending, listening to much too special interest groups/lobbyists and downright bad management of our tax dollars...Obama needs to take some responsibility and quit passing the buck. I don't like Bush, but Obama didn't just inherit all these problems. We need a whole new crew in Washington. Remember, only you can change this by your votes. Keep voting for the same old people and you are going to get the SAME RESULTS!!! Why is that so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

To March yadyadayada you did put us in this mess and we don't expect you to admit to anything unless a republican did it. But not if it's wrong. You in fact did put us in this mess!

BELIEVE IT said...

idiots, do you have a clue that blame is not going to rectify the situation that this country is experiencing? Get your act together and realize that "united we stand, divided we fall" - ALL OF US.

Anonymous said...

Obama got more $ from AIG than Bush did!

He was a member of Congress, a colleague of Dodd and Franks.

And he didn't know what was going on???

Gimme a break!