March 10, 2009

Candles for Henry

One of the many nice things that Henry Waye, Jr's friends are doing to honor his memory is to gather at 7 p.m. Thursday to light candles for him.
They plan to get together by the makeshift memorial on George Street, where the accident occurred a week earlier, and then walk to Waye's home on Hull Street.
It should make quite a procession.
I doubt anyone's going through the normal parade permit sort of channels for this, but it's the sort of spontaneous and wonderful event that teens come up with on their own, and the rest of us can't help admiring.
You can find some information about it on the memorial sites for Waye on Facebook and MySpace, but all anyone really needs to know is that there are likely to be a lot of people, young and old, holding candles and trying to hold back tears on Thursday evening.
Please be careful driving in that area Thursday. There will be a lot of people, some of them not at their sharpest. And if you can show up with a candle, why not do it?
In the end, sometimes, the best thing you can do in a troubled time is to light a candle against the darkness.

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Anonymous said...

I went, it was very sad.