March 25, 2009

Indoor pool closed by heater meltdown

The city's indoor pool besidethe Mix Street Little League complex is closed until about April 11 because a heater flamed out Sunday.
Park Director Ed Swicklas said the pool was shut down last week to replace drains.
When it was refilled and the heater turned on to warm up the water to the normal 81 or 82 degrees, it melted down instead.
Swicklas said that the chlorine and humidity in the Malone Aquatic Center likely contributed to the corrosion that caused it to fail.
At this point, it appears that replacing it will take about three weeks. Swicklas said he hopes to reopen the pool on April 11, but it could take longer.
The current temperature of the water is about 66 degrees and falling.
"It would be like swimming in the ocean," Swicklas said.
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Anonymous said...

BOF is going to love this one.

Anonymous said...

yep when you buy cheap stuff you get cheap stuff

Anonymous said...

Is the entire city infrastructure 1/2 century old ???

Anonymous said...

City operates like most bus. in this country .They get as much as possible out of a piece of equipment.The down side is the short sightedness of that .The city could have been saving alot of money on heating costs if they had upgraded the system years ago.

Anonymous said...

I understand this may not be the full story. I hear we have a crack in the pool and that the heater failure (so called) may have been created by staff errors. Have fun Steve.

Steve Collins said...

"That's not true," according to Ed Swicklas, the park director.
There is no crack in the pool, he said, and it is in fact full of water and ready to use if the heater were working.
He said there wasn't any staff error involved in the heater's meltdown either. It was simply aging in a bad environment for such things.

Anonymous said...

And the way Ward is going, we will be seeing more and more of this in the future!!

Anonymous said...

It was simply aging in a bad environment for such things.

March 26, 2009 11:22 AM


Maybe someone should tell swickless to buy a swimmingpool heater this time .

Anonymous said...


you are correct!

the firehouse issue is just another example!

Embarrassed for you said...

12:34 & 8:05 - Are you twits actually attempting to blame the mayor for a 50+ year old tilting chimney and a pool filter???? Talk about grasping at straws...

Anonymous said...


Wasn;t Artie on the Fire Board?
Wasn'there a plan to addtress the needs of the aging firehouses?

What did he do and where is he on teh issue now?

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure about any plans regarding the firehouse (and obviously, neither are you), but I do know that accusing "Artie" of being personally responsible for the old tilting chimney and/or the broken pool heater is a HUGE stretch.

Maybe you should consider a career as a writer, or maybe Johnson's campaign manager. You seem to have a great imagination!

mindless said...

10:45 - it's the economy STUPID - if he went ahead with the fire renovation plans, urine sorry butt would be crying because your taxes went up. Stop sniffing the Elmer's and smell the roses, even if they aren't for you.

Anonymous said...

Having plans to renovate the Fire Houses as well as other city buildings is good management.

Timing may change, but they will have to be done, just as the schools will have to be done, and City Hall and our roads etc.

Puting those off is poor management, and obviously Ward is not a manger.

Putting them off to not raise taxes is good politics and Artie is a politician.

Anonymous said...

someone should check into why they are closing the family center pool. how could this happen? what about the children of bristol no swim lessons, no wave pool, no swim teams.this is outrages . where is the mayor and city council on this one. look into this steve for the kids of bristol

Anonymous said...

"obviously Ward is not a manger"

Nope, you're right...obviously NOT a manger! But he is a good manager. Not raising taxes isn't just "good politics"...for many of Bristol's citizens at this time it's an absolute necessity. Seems the mayor is listening.

Anonymous said...


But letting the city deteriorate and hoping that someone will clean up for him is not the thing that we elected Ward to do.

Why not reduce staff; some department heads have suggested that?
Why not cut other costs?

Artie does not have a clue as to how to run the city, or any organization!

Anonymous said...

8:03 ~

A 50+ year old tilting chimney and a broken pool heater are hardly signs that the entire city is "deteriorating," and I'm sure both will be repaired in short order. "Artie" has called for cuts and I applaud his attempts to keep everyone employed. It would appear that he's not the one who hasn't got a clue.

Oh, BTW, hoping that someone will clean up for him was Nicastro's trick.

Anonymous said...


Artie may have "called " for cuts, but he certainly is not going along with most of those suggested by his department heads.