March 25, 2009

Waye case remains under investigation

City police are still working on their investigation into the hit-and-run death of 14-year-old Henry Waye, Jr this month.
Lt. Edward Spyros said Tuesday there is nothing new to report on the case as officers continue to piece together evidence as part of “a thorough and deliberate investigation” into the March 5 accident on George Street.
Spyros said police can’t disclose the name of the suspect. He said they don’t know if he has a lawyer.
A statement issued by Spyros recently said that police located a suspect and his white Chevrolet pickup truck follwing the accident and that the suspect “was hospitalized shortly after.”
Police are waiting for the final report from the medical examiner’s office, the state’s forensic laboratory, a mechanic’s report on the vehicle and more, according to Spyros.
The goal is for police to “prepare a detailed arrest warrant and present it to the prosecutor’s office” for review as soon as possible, he said. If there is probable cause, a judge would later issue an arrest warrant.
Spyros said that as soon as an arrest warrant is issued, the case details will be made public.
“The decision to make an arrest can sometimes be difficult for police,” Spyros said in his written statement. “Police have to balance the rights of victims, suspects, court rulings and what the public expects from its law enforcement officers.”
He said the result will be a “thorough and fair” investigation that will protect everyone’s rights.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like some one screwed up. The poor family waits while police cover mistakes.

Anonymous said...

This cant be real.

Anonymous said...

Only in Bristol would people doing their jobs correctly be considered screwing up.

What is not "real" is if the idiot gets off on a technicality.

Anybody who wants real justice for Henry Waye should want it done correctly no matter how long it takes to arrest someone. Sounds like they have the guy. Let everyone do their job. Even the public has a job in this case... it's called remembering this guy is innocent until proven guilty. Arresting him is not proof. Arresting him with a solid case file to turn over to the DA so they can successfully prosecute the case and find him guilty... when the gavel comes down.. that's justice.

Gripe all you'd like but if you don't like the system, pack your bags and hit the border.

Anonymous said...

Robert D. Park of 132 George St.
Robert D. Park of 132 George St.
Robert D. Park of 132 George St.
Robert D. Park of 132 George St.
Robert D. Park of 132 George St.

this guy should be arrested and put in jail, as we should assume he is a flight risk.

why isn't the bristol police being more proactive on this?

who does Robert D. Park of 132 George St. know that is keeping him from being thrown in jail???

i agree with the previous bloggers....this appears to be a cover-up in progress. if not, the bristol police should hold a press conference and let the public know what the hell is going on and why this is taking so long. their current explanation is unacceptable.

and how about the politicians?? they all speak up on every other thing going on in bristol??? why doesn't the mayor and city council demand answers and swift justice???

there definitely appears to be favorite treatment being given to Robert D. Park of 132 George St.

-billy from bristol

Anonymous said...

You people are all paranoid! Any accident of this magnitude anywhere in this state takes months to complete to do it right. The wheels of Justice are slow but sure.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Police brought a case to the DA and they told'em to take a hike and come back with stronger evidence. It may appear the police are acting slowly, but I have faith they are working on it diligently. They have kids too. Lets not be too quick to judge.

Anonymous said...

billy from bristol, you don't know what your talking about. Cover up, there's no cover up. As a lawyer I know about the law and the process of putting an arrest warrant together. It is a very time consuming process where you have to gather all of the facts and evidence. If you rush these things you can loose a case very easy. Please, everyone, allow the police to do their job and you will see that they will do their job well.

Anonymous said...

We cant push the politiasons they stand to give up votes thats what bristol is all about. they need to keep the chief in the clear. He takes care of them if they dont pick on him.

Anonymous said...

Obviously there are a lot of really uninformed, under-educated people in this town. It is a shame for the rest of the community.

For everyone that starts posting this suspect's name, address, etc. keep it up. You are a defense attorney's biggest Christmas present. If you truly want justice you will sit down shut up and wait. Personally, if I were Mr. Park or anyone that lives at that address, I'd take full advantage of your stupidity and IP address info. Your comments are borderline akin to yelling fire in a public place. If something happens to this property or the inhabitants or Mr. Park, I would expect the need to retain an attorney.

To occupy your time... some light reading I might suggest for you would be the Constitution (umm so you can see the 3 branches of government as well as your rights and how they interact with each other), The Connecticut General Statutes so you can understand what the term statue of limitation is, HIPAA - you know just in case this person has rights under this and is actually already in a medical facility and that is why we haven't wasted the tax payers money arresting him yet (some flight risk)....Possibly that poem by Elie Weisel as well.

The one point I do whole heartedly agree on is perhaps the police chief, mayor, etc. should get up and give a civics lesson in the form of a press conference or an op-ed piece to calm the community down.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand what the hold up is,there was an eye witness, the damage to parks truck is consistant to the impact...whats going on?