January 1, 2009

Nicastro bombarded with media calls today

State Rep. Frank Nicastro said he's "getting phone calls from all over the country" asking him about a Reuters news story that portrays him as leading an effort to 'bail out' The Bristol Press.
Reuters "twisted that story horribly," the Bristol Democrat said.
He said he's spoken with reporters in Georgia, Minnesota, Washington, Florida and elsewhere who wanted to quiz him about the effort to save two Central Connecticut dailies, including the Press.
Nicastro said he tells them all that "I'm not recommending 5 cents to the current owner" of the papers, the Pennsylvania-based Journal Register Co.
Instead of a bailout, he said, he explains that the effort is focused on making sure any prospective new owner learns about state programs available to any business owner that might lead to tax breaks or low-interest loans to encourage development and preserve jobs.
Nicastro said that once he explains what's really going on, those calling tell him he's doing the right thing.
Nicastro said it's been an unusual start to a new year.
"It's sad, but it's interesting," Nicastro said.

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I TOOT TOO! said...

Frank probably got two calls, but then, his math never was very good.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you jerks shut up about Frank? He's trying to do something for the community and all you can do is slam him. What have you ever done?

In Tune said...


Frank is trying to do something for himself, as he always has.

Anonymous said...

Frank has plenty of money (thanks to the Retirement Board chaired by TJ Barnes). Why doesn't he bail them out?

Cassandra said...

Watch out Artie, here comes Frank!

Bob W. said...


I updated my
original post
about the Bristol Post (non)bailout based on your input. Thanks for the info, and I added your blog to my google reader, too.



Robert MacMillan said...

Hello again,
Thanks for posting my comment on the other blog entry about the papers. My story doesn't portray Mr. Nicastro as trying to bail out the Press. He most certainly is trying to save it from going out of business, however. I also twisted nothing in the story. I linked the idea of government aid to press ethics -- and brought in the idea of a bailout as one form of government intervention that is happening now. I took pains to say that Mr. Nicastro and his peers are not recommending a bailout of the papers.
Steve, thanks again for giving me some space on your blog!

interesting said...

ever think that Frank released this last media blurb, the media didn't?

Anonymous said...

FRANK being FRANK thats all.You know, like Manny being MANNY.

oops said...

difference is that manny can be traded

Sounds like .... said...

He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is trying to deny the facts , even though he has cookie crumbs in his beard .

Major (P) John said...

I guess I wouldn't be surprised in the least to hear Reuters badly screwed up a story. Heh.

I M Hopeful said...


And Frank can be voted out of office.

hoping said...


Counting said...

The next two Novembers.