January 29, 2009

Former Press editor's new paper to fold

The Baltimore Examiner, established three years ago to compete with The Baltimore Sun, is closing on Feb. 15, according to the Associated Press and many other news organizations.
That means its editor, Frank Keegan, will be hitting the pavement again at a truly atrocious time for journalists to be looking for work.
Keegan was the editor here from the mid-1980s until shortly before the 1994 sale of The Bristol Press to the rapacious Pennsylvania company I don't want to name anymore because I'm trying to forget its existence.
After leaving Bristol, he served as the editor of the daily in Easton, Penn. and at The Connecticut Post before landing in Baltimore, where he's had a colorful run.
I always liked Keegan, partly because he didn't hesitate to tell mayors to "f-- off" and partly because he had this old-fashioned notion that what we do is really important. I hope that a great opportunity opens for him somewhere now.

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Anonymous said...

Come back, Frank!

Anonymous said...

It's a problem mayors have all the time. No biggie.

Anonymous said...

Rapacious - Wow!!

Anonymous said...

He told mayors to f--- off? No wonder his paper closed. Maybe if he'd been more polite he'd still have a place to work.

Joe Killian said...

A former reporter for the N&R, Marta Hummell, was an editorial writer at the Examiner until it folded.