January 30, 2009

Clear those hydrants, for your own safety

Press release from the mayor's office:
Water Superintendent Robert Longo said Thursday that “While many hydrants around town are buried beneath the snow, Water Department crews are working each day to clear them out”.
Residents are always encouraged to lend a hand by digging out hydrants near their homes. With the importance of keeping the hydrants accessible for the fire department, the Water Department needs some assistance from property owners.

After each storm, Water Department crews focus on hydrants around the City’s schools and Bristol Hospital. Longo said “Once those areas are complete, our crews move out to other areas of the City, yet with the frequency of storms this year and the potential for more snow next week, crews may not be able to get to all hydrants between storms”.
Mayor Ward has asked that residents be diligent in helping the City keep these areas free of snow. If you are unable to attend to a hydrant on your property for health reasons, please contact the Water Department so they are aware of the situation. Mayor Ward stated, “The Bristol Water Department maintains over 1,600 hydrants throughout the City. We ask neighbors to keep an eye out for their area. If we all pitch in to help, potential tragedies may be avoided.

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Anonymous said...

Saw 3, yes 3, water dept employees shoveling out a hydrant on James P Casey road after the last storm. Now you know where your tax $ go. Meanwhile, going down Maple and it was a sheet of ice. Bus in front of me slid sideways and almost rear ended the cars in front of him/her. I was in 1st gear and slid down the hill as well. You would think the city would make sure a main road like Maple with 2 schools would be sanded/salted.

Gad said...

10:53AM - I think that your bag of smiles has a hole in the bottom of it.

Anonymous said...

Water Department Employees are not paid for by your tax dollars, and have no correlation with street plowing and sanding.

Anonymous said...

February 1, 2009 5:43 PM:

Are you saying their exorbitant pensions (like Lennie Valantino's)and benefits are paid for soley by fees collected from home-owners?

Anonymous said...

I think this is hair-splitting. The Water Department takes in money from the rate payers (i.e. property owners, i.e. taxpayers), some of which is passed along to the City which sends it back to the Water Department to cover the paychecks that the Department cuts. I assume a percentage of the money in these paychecks is withheld and gets deposited in the Pension Fund and is used to cover pension checks.

Anonymous said...

2/1 5:43

So that makes it okay to use 3 water dept employees to clear 1 hydrant? Maybe our water bills would go down if they tried using 1 guy per fire hydrant???

Anonymous said...

The Water Department is an Enterprise Fund and functions soley on fees collected by property owners...that includes pensions and benefits.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if they aare not on OT????