January 27, 2009

Corruption in Hartford

Isn't it weird that Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is only now facing criminal charges for the alleged corruption we all knew about before his 2007 re-election? It says something about the dysfunctional politics of the state's capital city that people knew they were electing someone with questionable ethics and did it anyway.
And how come it took so long for prosecutors to make a case that was already in the press a year and a half ago? It doesn't seem that complicated.
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Reality said...

Apparently eddie must be a democrat .

If he was a republican , the press would have convicted him way before the election was held .

Steve Collins said...

Actually, the Courant thoroughly reported this whole thing well before the election in 2007. That's reality.

Anonymous said...

If Eddie was a Republican, he would have been Rowland's cellmate instead of campaigning in 2007.

Anonymous said...

It is another shameful scar on our largest cities. Bridgeport, Waterbury and now Hartford.

Mayor Perez, step down immediately and spare the city further embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

Steve, whom did the Editorial Board of the HARTFORD COURANT endorse for mayor?

That will indicate more than the reporting of the "crime."

Concerned Conservative said...

Sorry Steve, the Courant staff has been much more forgiving to Perez than they were EVER for Rowland.

That's reality.

Anonymous said...

I think it's weird that the people who don't want Mayor Perez called a "minority" in the press are the same ones giving glory to "our first black president."

Anonymous said...

Where's Susan Bysewicz? She screamed about Rowland, and now it's okay for her fellow Dem to get presents?