January 30, 2009

Grand List stagnant at best, officials say

We'll know the final numbers of Monday, but several city officials said today they expect the Grand List to go down slightly or maybe hold steady.
It's not going up, though.
Mayor Art Ward said the preliminary numbers show a small decline.
City Comptroller Glenn Klocko said the worst case scenario would mean about $300,000 less property tax revenue in the coming year than the city got this year -- which doesn't help but isn't a crushing blow either.
The main cause of the drop? There are a whole lot fewer new cars out there this year.
But I'll have all the details on Monday.
One thing you can bet the farm on -- ESPN is still the top taxpayer in town.
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Anonymous said...

Wasn't that one of the areas that Stortz mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that about a tenth of a Mill
If the Controller is correct.

Anonymous said...

What has been the increases over the past years: that will give a better picture.