January 30, 2009

City aims for surplus this budget year

City Comptroller Glenn Klocko said he expects to end the fiscal year in June with a surplus of as much as $300,000. It could also be as little as $100,000, he said.
Last year, the city wound up with $1.3 million extra, thanks in large part to the Board of Education's unexpected success in delivering a hefty amount back to the city's general fund.
This time around, Klocko said, the schools are unlikely to have much left over, but they do anticipate finishing in the black again.
A few hundred thousand dollars extra out of a $172 million budget isn't much, of course, but it's better than coming up short.
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Anonymous said...

Betcha we don't come June, unless they take from the rainy day fund.

Anonymous said...

Remember last fall the state predicted a 300,000 deficit: two months later it went to 2 billion.

So much for political projections.

Anonymous said...

I thought we aimed for a surplus every year?