January 17, 2009

Taking a backseat to Obama

Just got a phone call from city Councilor Craig Minor, who boarded an Amtrak train this morning in New Haven with his wife, Laura Minor, to head south to Washington for the Inauguration.
They didn't get all that far.
It seems that taking the last train out of New Haven put them directly behind the train that President-elect Barack Obama is traveling on today as he does some sort of whistle stop along the rail line from Philadelphia to D.C.
Minor said the train he's on is "right behind" Obama's, which is pulling into Wilmington, Delaware to pick up Vice President-elect Joe Biden (who's been taking the train to and from Washington every workday for years).
There's at least one more stop in Baltimore, too, to address a crowd.
But it's OK. Minor is ready.
"We're about to start a game of Travel Boggle while we're sitting here," Minor said.
And if they're lucky, maybe they'll pull into Union Station in the nation's capital in time to catch a glimpse of the next president debarking ahead of them.
In any case, travel's always an adventure. You just never know when a president is going to take precedence over your train.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Maybe they can find some zucchini in DC!

Anonymous said...

Will they have to wait while Obama gets a haircut on the train?

Anonymous said...

I took a train there once; it had rats in it.

Craig Minor said...

The Obama train pulled onto a siding in Baltimore and we got ahead of it, so I assume we arrived before them. The market section of Union Station was lined with life-size cardboard cutouts of Obama and Laura took a picture of me with one of them. I'll try to email it to you!

Craig Minor said...

PS: New Haven Mayor John DiStefano was on the same train as us, but I couldn't get over to say hi in the crush.

Explanation? said...

11:00PM - was it rat-free upon your departure?