January 8, 2009

Watch the new Press owner's entire press conference

The Connecticut Network, which is on cable channel 98 in Bristol, is showing the press conference with our new owner, Mike Schroeder.
It's scheduled to air at 6:58 p.m. today, at five minutes after midnight tonight and on Friday morning at 8:25.
I suppose it will be online, too, somewhere on this site.
I should throw in a plug for this wonderful television service, which is helping to fill the gap created by a shrinking press corps. It's airing all sorts of stuff from the legislature and beyond, like a C-Span for Connecticut. I'll try to do better about pointing out when it's got stuff that's particularly relevant for Bristol.

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Isn't it enough ?? said...

Haven't you wasted enough effort saving your lousy job ????

Isn't it time to adress issues important to the public .

Okay .... I know you have a vested interest , but , PLEASE can't you start a thread of interest to the public ?