January 14, 2009

Cold snap spells trouble for neediest

With forecasters anticipating a frigid spell, Mayor Art Ward is calling on residents to reach out to the community's neediest.
With "one of the coldest" periods in recent years settling in, the mayor said, he expects more demand to be placed on the homeless shelter, soup kitchens and other institutions that struggle to help those who are down and out.
"There are ways to ease the burden," Ward said.
He said people should do whatever they can to help the shelter, bring food to the soup kitchens, volunteer and more.
"There is a greater need there than there has been in the past," Ward said.
Ward said another way to help is to contribute clothing to a drive that resident Jody Trestman has organized on Saturday.
He said people can contribute to the clothing drive by dropping off items at the American Legion post on Hooker Court between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday.
"Without a doubt, there's a need out there" for coats and other warm clothing, Ward said.
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