January 20, 2009

The long view of history

As the owner of one of Bristol’s oldest homes, the William Jerome 2d house at 441 Jerome Ave., Mike Uchalid said Tuesday he “felt the need to watch” the inauguration from a house that had seen so much history.
“I found myself proud to watch an African American be sworn into office in a home that was built by slaves and toiled by slaves,” said Uchalid, a former Board of Education member.
“I wonder how the Jerome family would feel,” Uchalid added.“I was also proud to be living in this time and was able to be the first person in my old history-filled house to be a small part of Bristol's history and our country’s,” Uchalid said.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Uchalid for Mayor

Eternal said...


...your home is my favorite home in this town, and definatly must have been humbleing for you to watch, in a landmark.

Eternal ( a everyday reader on Jewel St)

Anonymous said...

I did not watch the inaugural in MY old house. I was at a funeral, and it seemed rather fitting for the day.

compensate said...

Mike who? lest we forget? today doesn't make yesterday right - you hurt a lot of people whose misfortunes you made happen.