January 25, 2009

Nicastro criticized by Waterbuy paper

The Waterbury Republican-American has an editorial casting state Rep. Frank Nicastro, a Bristol Democrat, has an engineer on the legislature's "train of fools" for pushing passenger service on the barely used railroad line between Berlin and Waterbury.
Perhaps they need to look into the issue more. Try this story, or these, for starters.

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Concerned Conservative said...

Great editorial with well deserved criticism. Looks like some from out of town are not so blindly guided.

Anonymous said...

Nicatro for Mayor!!

Only he can fix Wards mess!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should tell Frank it was Trains they were talking about not band-wagons.

Quit blowing your horn said...

"Only he can fix Wards mess!!"

Uh, what mess would that be exactly? Actually, it seems Nicastro is the one who made a HUGE mess for the subsequent mayors, Ward and the rest of us poor tax payers to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Steve, that just shows that you were right. We do need newspapers!

Anonymous said...

Can't say I agree with the RA on this one. Mass transit is the way to go, both to cut congestion on the highways and to improve the environment. Their main complaint seems to be with the subsidies of the Waterbury to Bridgeport line. They may have a point if the fare they quote is accurate. But that's no reason not to work on a Waterbury to Hartford line as Frank has proposed. Yes it may take a while to build ridership, but if its done well it can have a great effect. An example is the light-rail CATS system in Charlotte, N.C. I took it to UCONN's bowl game there two years ago. It linked outer suburbs with the inner city entertainment and business districts. Locals said ridership was huge and growing.

Anonymous said...

Mass Transit will never go from zero to full implementation without a phase in period and public support.

Developing mass transit options and infrastructure is a wise move for Bristol's future and could be an asset to our city that differentiates it from some of our neighbors where it is not an option.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Bristol cannot support a restaurant, nevermind train service.

cseguin said...

If anyone is interested in the issue, UConn Law is putting on a conference about it with some local land use experts: