January 8, 2009

A thank you to so many

With the pending purchase of The Bristol Press, the cloud of doom that has hung over this sturdy little daily has finally lifted.
And as I look around with fresh eyes at what happened, I realize that we have a great many people to thank, beginning with Mike Schroeder, who is taking a chance on us, on Bristol and on newspapers. He's making a good bet, but these are hard times, so it was a particularly gutsy move. I hope it pays off for all of us.
I also feel a deep gratitude for my friends in the media, old and new, who ultimately played a crucial role in getting the word out about the paper's plight. Without Dan Barry's story in The New York Times, Schroeder wouldn't be in the picture today. Without the stories that Barry saw beforehand, including Rick Green's column in The Hartford Courant, the piece in the Times would never have been written. And so on. It's remarkable how these things swirl around and, in the end, we can only be sure that every little bit helped.
Additionally, of course, I appreciate the way so many community leaders and politicians stepped to the forefront to help our little daily. I don't want to single any of them out -- but their names are already out there. Their assistance, especially the mayors of Bristol and New Britain, proved valuable.
A newsman from Bristol who works for the state House Democrats, Bob Douglas, also went above and beyond the call. His efforts are deeply appreciated.
I'm also indebted to the many regular readers who offered kind words these past two months (and long before that, too). It helped to know we were not in this alone, particularly because I truly believe that the paper's survival ultimately means more to Bristol than it does to Jackie and I, even though our family's livelihood is tied up in its success.
I'm also glad that my coworkers, some of whom I barely knew before this, have been almost uniformally supportive. I got to know some excellent people a whole lot better as we faced this crisis, especially our police reporter, Adam Benson, who created a Facebook page and was willing to stand in front of the TV cameras.
Finally, thanks to my family and friends, who were kind enough not to tell me that the cause was hopeless. Some went well beyond what anyone could ask.
It's been a trying, tough time, but also a wonderful one, thanks mostly to the many kindnesses offered by so many, even some of my blog commenters.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Steve, for fighting for our paper.

Concerned Conservative said...

The fact that this huge clique comprised of liberal media people (The Times among others) and the investor class exists and this wonderful end to this heart-warming story just makes me want to shed tears of joy.

Tom Auclair said...

As a staffer at the Rocky Mountain News, it has been gratifying to see your particular saga come to a happy conclusion. We have appreciated your good thoughts during our recent struggles and can only hope for a resolution as wonderful as yours.

Best for a long and productive future!

Tom Auclair
Rocky Mountain News

Anonymous said...

Concerned Conservative, I'm crying, too.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Congrats Steve - I guess.

(God help you!)

Now you're going to have to work day and night to help this new owner ....I would guess you already knew that.

Tom Auclair said...

..our recent struggles and can only hope for a resolution as wonderful as yours.

I too hope the folks at the Rocky Mountain News are successful as well.

I was RM News was carrier #1392 in 1964/`65

Odin said...

Concerned Conservative: why the sarcasm directed against a free market solution to a community problem? Is it because the solution was made possible by the "liberal media class" that you seem to despise? You're a "conservative" all right: you know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

Concerned Conservative:


The liberal media elite strikes again.

Concerned Conservative said...

No actually this was a quasi-government run plan which basically ties the new owner with the Governor and the Representaives involved. Any assistance what-so-ever is financial assistance from the state government. Obviously you can't fathom this because as a naive liberal you think money grows on trees.
But I don't think it's a big deal. Obviously almost all journalists are left of center. Some like the editors of the Times veer far to the Left. I believe the current reporters favor liberals, Democrats and/or people they believe are the political "in crowd". So I see little change. I was hoping for something new and better with the closing, but I'm happy the Press will be around anyway.

Adam said...

Steve, I just want to say to you and Jackie that the passion, commitment to this paper and rabid devotion to the importance of maintaining community journalism has truly been an inspiration to me, and my time with you guys on the front lines of this fight will forever be a highlight in my career.
I'm sorry that (at least for the time being) the circumstances have evolved to the point where I to support and celebrate the Press' accomplishments from afar, but I will always continue to do so.
I'm really, truly, sincerely happy that you guys get to continue doing what you love where you love doing it.
And I'm grateful I can call both of you friends.