January 21, 2009

ESPN under the microscope

The authors of the bestselling "Live from New York: An Uncensored History of 'Saturday Night Live'" -- Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller -- are working on an as-yet-untitled volume about ESPN. So if you've got the goods on Bristol's biggest taxpayer and employer, they might come calling. 
Shales is "arguably the greatest TV critic of the last 25 years," as a Kansas City TV blogger put it, so it should be an interesting read.
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cseguin said...

That should be a very interesting piece. ESPN is a bit of a puzzle within the sports world and sports journalism world. While it still employs some great journalists (Peter Gammons, Michael Smith, Jayson Stark), it also has trended towards featuring its entertainers/non-journalists more prominently (Stuart Scott, Skip Bayless, etc.).

That's not to say that Scott and Bayless and others like them weren't journalists at some point, but now they more entertainers (along the lines of the people on "Entertainment Tonight" and "Access Hollywood.")

Plus, there have been a number of new sites (deadspin.com, firejoemorgan.com, etc.) that have ratcheted up the media criticism on ESPN.

I feel like one could write books on ESPN, the way it has changed over the years, and its present place on the sports journalism landscape. I'll be on the lookout for this.