January 26, 2009

Rimcoski: Felons shouldn't get public pensions

The city should strip away the pensions of its employees who are convicted of felonies, a city councilor said.

Republican city Councilor Mike Rimcoski said that he wants to ax the pensions of those who have violated the public trust.

He said he hasn't yet made a formal request to change the city's policy because he wants to get more information from the state first.

State Rep. Frank Nicastro, a Bristol Democrat who is also a city councilor, said that state lawmakers have debated the idea for many hours in the General Assembly without approving it.

The hitch at the state level, he said, was a concern that in punishing felons, legislators would also be snatching money from spouses and children who did nothing wrong.

"It's still being looked at," said Nicastro, who represents the 79th District, encompassing the southern third of Bristol.

Rimcoski, who has pushed the idea in the past, said it angers him to see state workers who are accused of crimes making a quick retirement to lock in their pensions.

"You shouldn't be sending pension checks to the prisons," Rimcoski said.

Nicastro said he absolutely agreed with Rimcoski on that point.

The issue has been bandied about since the scandal that rocked the administration of former Gov. John Rowland, who resigned in disgrace and spent time in federal prison for corruption.

There haven't been any significant scandals at City Hall, but other municipalities around the state have seen workers charged with serious crimes.

Rimcoski said he would bring up the policy again after he gathers the additional information he seeks.

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Anonymous said...

Mike, what about the budget?

Anonymous said...

And yet Rimcoski voted for the big contracts! He's just another one of Wards puppets!

Tim Gamache said...

I think Mike is correct here.I would also add that the punishment should fit the crime.Some these offenders are receiving the proverbial "slap on the wrist!"

Anonymous said...

Do we have any "felons" collecting a city pension?

What is next, Social Security?

Anonymous said...

With all the cities problems why is Rimcoski trying to tackle this. This is an area where we don't have a problem. Let's try to tackle areas where we currently have problems, please.

Anonymous said...

Where's my pension?

Anonymous said...

They are all corrupt - so do you really think they will vote for this? Its like letting the fox watch the hens.

Anonymous said...

Another great sound bite Mike