January 16, 2009

Wright backs deficit reduction measure

Press release from state Rep. Chris Wright, a 77th District Democrat from northeastern Bristol:



Deficit package maintains critical investments in economy

State Representative Christopher Wright (D-Bristol) joined a majority of legislators Wednesday night in voting for a second deficit mitigation package that cuts $131.6 million from the state’s budget deficit for the current fiscal year, while maintaining critical investments in Connecticut’s economy.

Even though this is the second of two packages to address this year’s deficit, Rep. Wright said that further reductions are more than likely to come as additional revenue figures become available in the weeks ahead.

“While we will continue to be challenged with balancing the budget and dealing with a growing deficit, we must also maintain critical investments in Connecticut’s economy,” Rep. Wright said. “As the global economy continues its impact on our state, revenue continues to decrease. We must tackle the deficit with a prudent, practical approach so that we can protect critical services that benefit our citizens, especially in these challenging economic times when they are needed most.”

The legislature adopted about 90% of the recommendations proposed by the governor with differences related to continuing investments in jobs, public health, energy efficiency, the environment and funding for municipalities.

The legislature’s budget committees will proceed with several hearings in the coming weeks to continue addressing the budget deficit. The governor is scheduled to deliver her budget proposal for 2009-2011 to the General Assembly on February 4.

The legislation, House bill 5095, passed in the House of Representatives 111 to 35 and in the Senate 24 to 12. It now goes to the Governor, who said she will sign the budget package into law. The previous mitigation package was approved in November and cut $71.8 million.

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Anonymous said...

oh brother

Anonymous said...

Wright is right

Concerned Conservative said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the deficit somewhere around $3 billion? Wright and the
Dumb-o-crats only have $2.87 billion more to balance.

Yeah great job.

I wonder said...

How did Hamzy vote?

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

Since every Republican voted no it's fair to say this:

Democrats: 3 Billion reduced

Republicans: 0 reduced.

Food for Thought.

Ein Stein said...

Wescon whats a few zeros, nothing.

wright is wrong said...


You're a wonderful source of mis-information and/or lies as usual.

If you or anyone is really worried about over-spending, then the Democrat Party (in Connecticut especially) is NOT for you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Student, it's not fair to say that. Go back to class.

Anonymous said...

What does Chris have to say about the Aman payoff?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans voted no because the cuts were not deep enough. The Republicans' proposal cut $185,000,000, and included getting rid of some unfunded state mandates on towns. Democrats wouldn't go with it, even though the shortfall could be $800,000,000 by June 30th.

Wright is wrong.