January 23, 2009

Trucks remain on mall site, councilor says

Email sent today from city Councilor Ken Cockayne to Mayor Art Ward:

As I write this email, there is currently two semi trucks in the parking lot of the mall. One with a cab one without. I saw a orange cab on Upson St that looks like it would match the trailer in the parking lot. I'd like to ask what is being done to stop the trucks from parking there? At last weeks council meeting you said it was being taken care of, however I continue to see trucks parked there. Can we send the police to ticket the trucks?
Thank you,

Ken Cockayne

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find out who the trucks belong to. That sometimes affects decisions.

Anonymous said...

Call the company on the truck, duh. They will contact the driver and tell him to drag his a$$. Or maybe we should just turn it into a truck stop....at least we'd have some tax revenue coming in from it!

Anonymous said...

the fact is that there are a large number of truck drivers who call Bristol their home and are looking for a spot to safely park their rigs while they are in town. As long as its done in an orderly fashion and does not look terrible, what is the big deal? My neighbor has one and parks there and I am pretty sure he got permission from someone a few years back - maybe the mall owners? Without the commuter lot where he was constantly getting broken into, what should they do? Can't park in residential areas. Aren't there bigger issues out there for Mr. Cockayne and Mayor Ward?

Anonymous said...

They are probably taxpayers too. what's the big deal? And why is Kenny cc'ing emails to the blog? show-off.

Anonymous said...

And a Porta Potti too!

Anonymous said...

The only thing the police can do is issue a $25 parking ticket for parking on municipal property. They can't remove the vehicles or anything like that.

Kenny knows this and he knows that all he has to do is call the PD and the cops will go over there and issue the parking ticket. He does it all the time in his neighborhood so he already knows that.

Just another lame attempt by COCKayne to grab headlines and try to smear Ward.

Anonymous said...

Or just point out that Ward is not doing his job!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Cokane is a thorn in Wards side! He won't work behind closed doors and is for sure not one of Wards little lap dogs!

I just wish Cokane ran for Mayor!! Never to late to change your mind Cokane!!