February 2, 2009

Rosenthal, Klocko on the radio this afternoon

If you're hard up for entertainment, two key city officials -- Comptroller Glenn Klocko and Jonathan Rosenthal, the economic development director -- are going to be interviewed live on WDRC starting at 2 p.m. WDRC is on the AM dial at 1360.
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Anonymous said...

Steve, you got it right!

One has to be hard up for entertainment!

They will fall all over each other promoting Artie, AFTER they promote themselves.

Maybe you can sell tapes of the interview.

Anonymous said...

I would rather watch grass grow, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Shapiro's Law of Reward:
The one that does the least work will get the most credit.

You figure it out!

Anonymous said...

With Rosen talking they better give him the entire afternoon.

normal said...

go gop, how you shine

Anonymous said...

I listened to both of these gentlemen yesterday on the radio after seeing it posted on the blog. I think that both individuals did an outstanding job explaining the financial situation and plan of economic development in the city. Like most government employees, they probably don't get enough credit for what they do for this city behind the scenes. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

But what have they actually done?


What have they actually accomplished?

Seems like you got dazzled with BS

Anonymous said...

Both of these men are in ken's pocket. they will praise him till the cows come home and both of them, in my humble opinion, are as seedy as our acting mayor. the power grab as in full force!