February 4, 2009

No cuts to state aid to Bristol?

Gov. Jodi Rell's budget director, Robert Genuario, told The Hartford Courant that the governor won't reduce state Education Cost Sharing allocations to cities and towns. She will also continue to fully fund road aid, local capital improvement grants, PILOT grants and the Pequot aid.
Reducing grants to municipalites would pass the burden to local property taxpayers, Genuario told the paper.
If that holds true through the legislative session, Bristol officials will have a much, much easier time dealing with the budget crisis.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for Jodi Rell

Anonymous said...

She really should take another look @ the waste in the Bristol school system .

Those folks could use a wake-up call .

If someone doesn't address the way taxpayer money is thrown around like chicken feed in the schools , we won't be able afford to pay attention .

Anonymous said...

You could first eliminate the WASTE at the board of education. How many useless, wasteful positions are there? Three secretaries doing the work of ONE!

The people who work at the BOE aren't taking a pay freeze. And none of their positions are being cut.

West Hartford is cutting some expendable administrators, to save teachers' jobs. Bristol has such an aching desire to BE west hartford...maybe this is a place to start!