February 26, 2009

Planning Commission decision on Matthews Street school site land

I pulled a piece posted earlier because I'm no longer sure what happened at the Planning Commission. I'll check it on Friday and repost it with solid information.
For now, let's just say that planners did something last night but I'm not quite sure what. I'm sorry for the confusion.
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Anonymous said...

I was told by someone who was there that the PC approved buying the Starlite deli and voted against buying the extra 12 acres on Matthews Street. At least 5 of the 7 city councilmen (and mayor) have to vote yes to override that negative recommendation which could be dicey since Nicastro, Rimcoski, and Minor have all expressed opposition (or at least, questions) about the wisdom of buying the excess acreage.

Steve Collins said...

That's what I heard from a few people, too. But I heard later from someone who usually has it exactly right that the Matthews Street property wasn't the 12 acres, but rather a 0.9-acre lot with a house on it beside the 12 acres.
I'll check on it today and post whatever the facts are.

Anonymous said...


Way to go! Good job, pulling the story and see what happened.

Keep up the good work, keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you are getting the facts straight. You should have had them right from the start, of course, but at least you showed that you care to get it right.

Anonymous said...

Steve you let us down man!! We all thought you were GOD and never made mistakes, lol. Joking, everyone makes mistakes...you know we love ya