February 25, 2009

Larson hails Obama's address

Statement issued by U.S. Rep. John Larson, the East Hartford Democrat whose 1st District includes Bristol:


Washington, DC – Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01), Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, issued the following remarks after President Barack Obama’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress.

“Tonight, President Obama personified the calm and determined assurance that resides in every American during these difficult times.  He described the rough road ahead as we begin our steep and steady climb out of this recession.  President Bush left this nation in a deep and cavernous hole.  President Obama and this Democratic Congress have mapped out a clear and comprehensive strategy to get us back out.

“The economic problems our nation faces are complex and it will take a lot of work on many fronts to resolve them.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that Congress passed and President Obama signed into law is a key part of that work.  It will put millions of Americans back to work and give a tax cut to 95% of working Americans.  Combined with our efforts to stabilize the financial and housing markets, the Recovery Act will help us begin to rebuild and renew our economy. 

“We as a Congress and our new President are tasked with a much bigger responsibility than stimulating the current economy.  This country has failed for years to make the tough choices necessary to stay strong and robust in the global economy.  Now, we must make those choices. We have and will invest in alternative energy sources, education for our children, science and innovation, and health care reform - the areas that will be the foundation of our future economic success.  President Obama reiterated tonight the need for major regulatory reform to make sure the financial crisis we are experiencing today does not happen again.

“The Presidents message was realistic yet optimistic.  I share his faith that our people and our country will rebuild and recover and America will emerge stronger.”

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Anonymous said...

Five Obama speeches thus far have resulted in the market dropping 1250 points.

Joe six-pack might love this guy but the people that create the jobs sure don't seem to give him much credit.

About twelve more speeches should actully get us to the depression that Obama keeps comparing the current economy to..

BTW: Larson is a blowhard stufed shirt.

Anonymous said...

Obama talking about "the firm hand of government" gave me the willies.

Anonymous said...

Larson is delerious. This jerk in the white house has caused more loss of wealth in 1 month then Bush did in 8 years. ...with no sign of anything getting better. The only thing good happening now is that DODD is being EXPOSED for the THEIF he is and his lack of doing anything for tax payers. DODD is asleep at the switch and needs to be retired out of the country...he's got the perfect Irish bugelow to do it in too.

Anonymous said...

All hail the Messiah!