January 2, 2009

News, pols, blogs and what's going on

Here's an interesting piece in The Everyday Republican about the way news and blogs get all mixed up nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, interesting stuff, but I am somewhat surprised that you read anything with the word "Republican" in it. :-)

Happy New Year!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>surprised that you read anything with the word "Republican" in it...

Actually......I can attest that I've seen Steve Collins treat a Republican candidate far better (IE: FAIR & no misquotes) than did Diane Smith.

The only conclusion must be that Steve Collins enjoys a rare trait; Journalistic Integrity.
(Weird huh? Never see those two words together anymore do ya?)

After 27 years of kicking around politics there's darn few newspaper reporters left that I would reflexively trust; Collins is such an individual.

I wish there were more like him.

Steve Collins said...

Thank you, Authentic Connecticut Republican. I try, even if I am a crazy, whacko, commie, pinko, Obama-loving, America-hating Democratic stooge.*

* Now you don't have to respond, Concerned Conservative.