January 6, 2009

Larson nominates Pelosi as House speaker

Press release from U.S. Rep. John Larson, the East Hartford Democrat whose district includes Bristol:


Washington, DC – The 111th Congress was opened today with the swearing in of new members and the election of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Congressman John B. Larson in his role as Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, nominated her for the post. Following the swearing in, he said:
“I am humbled today to have taken the oath of office for my sixth term as the Congressman from Connecticut’s First District and to have placed the honorable Nancy Pelosi’s name in nomination as Speaker of the House of Representatives.
“There is much to do and I am happy to welcome the new freshman class as they join in our efforts. I am particularly excited to have Congressman Jim Himes joining the Connecticut congressional delegation.
“We have great challenges before us – first and foremost the struggling economy. American families are feeling squeezed by the tough budget choices they face in order to make ends meet. Too many are losing their homes, jobs and hopes for the future.
“I am honored to have been elected by my colleagues to serve as Chairman of the Democratic Caucus at this pivotal time. I will work with the other members of leadership and my colleagues from around the country to provide short term help and long term solutions for our country’s economic problems.
“America’s middle class and small businesses are the bedrock of our communities and the engine of our economy. That bedrock has been badly shaken by the current economic crisis. For years, Democrats in Congress have been fighting for tax relief for the middle class and small businesses. Now, our Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will give us the opportunity to enact tax cuts that put them first. We can provide small businesses with the tax benefits they need to create jobs and families with the tax breaks they need to help make ends meet.
“We will invest in meaningful infrastructure projects that create jobs and spur economic growth in the short term while providing real value in the long term. Targeted investment in our schools, transportation system, cities and towns are critical. We will create the world’s most effective and efficient health care system that expands coverage and lowers costs for more Americans. We will build a comprehensive K-12 and higher education system that prepares all of our children for a new technologically advanced economy.
“And we must provide this all with the highest level of accountability. We need to restore Americans’ faith in government to spend their money wisely and responsibly. And, we must ensure that we are getting maximum return for every tax dollar we invest into these programs.
“This is a tall order. But, I believe with President-elect Obama and the new Democratic Congress we are poised to meet our goals.”

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S.S.D.D. !!!!!!!!! said...

After the disaster created by the democrats , they still haven't learned ?????

At least put someone in charge with Americas best interest in mind .

Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap. We need action. The dems are in full charge now let's see if they can deliver. If not they only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the democrats...Obama will restore greatness to America. equality for everyone. Everything will be better as soon as he is sworn in.

STILL said...


I M Concerned said...

Why does Obama want create 600,000 new Government jobs????

He should concentate on those businesses that make something!!!

Anonymous said...

UUUUGGGHHHH! I just threw up a little into the back of my throat. This is the classic case of an idiot being blinded by worshiping an even bigger idiot.

Public spending does not create wealth, it decreases wealth. Private sector growth creates wealth and provides the government with dollars to operate.

An economy cannot grow and prosper if we are all working building bridges and roads just as it cannot prosper with everyone selling each other hamburgers.

The inmates are now fully in control of the asylum.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi and Larson along with their Republican counterparts are a part of the problem not the solution.

Obama has a much better understanding of what most Americans are looking for and it isn't political game playing, it's jobs, confidence, and serving the public's interests!

Anonymous said...

Obama will take care of all of us. Let's just sit back and watch.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to create 600,000 new public sector jobs.
Who will be paying for these next year when the stimulus is over?

ANS: us, the taxpayer!