January 7, 2009

I met the new Press owner

He reads this blog. So, readers, stop saying so many mean things about me.
I do have to say that my impression is entirely positive. He's a real newspaper guy. I do believe that this might be just the miracle I was hoping for.
Later, we'll have more of what Michael Schroeder actually had to say, and links to some of the many stories likely to be written or aired from his press conference.

Some links:
Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green already has this piece online.
CT NewsJunkie has this account. It promises video later.
The Brooks File has this story: Local Hero.
Editor & Publisher has it, too, right here.
Channel 8 (WTNH) has this story.
If I do this right, here's Channel 8's report, which has way too much of me looking like a doofus:
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Anonymous said...

You look great on TV, you big doofus!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, Do you think 2 years from now he will think it was a good investment? ;) Cheer up, at least you still have a job.