January 5, 2009

Colin on public radio? It works.

Since WTIC has chosen to turn itself into an outlet for old, white, conservative men -- an odd choice in Connecticut -- perhaps it's best to give up on convincing it to return Colin McEnroe to the airwaves. McEnroe himself makes it clear in this blog entry that he'd rather be on public radio. And that's what his friends and and listeners should push for. Maybe somebody with intenet savvy can set up a site that collects pledges that will only be paid whe WNPR hires McEnroe.

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Anonymous said...

I like WTIC the way it is. Colin McEnroe adds nothing to the discussion. Rather than intelligently discuss issues, he uses ridicule and sarcasm to try to embarrass anyone who disagrees with him. Of course, that could be because he's usually wrong, and doesn't have any facts to back up his beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm all for hearing different points of view. I did not always agree with Colin but was interested in hearing his perspective. However, Colin came across as very condescending and obnoxious. He was not respectful to anyone who did not agree with him. If you were a regular listener, you would have noticed a kinder, gentler Colin over the past several months. Why the change? Could it be he just was not getting the numbers of listeners that he needed and he was trying to soften his image? I think people tuned him out, not because of his views, but how he presented them.

Odin said...

Excellent idea. Let WTIC's loss be WNPR's gain. Hiring Colin will excite their existing listener base (educated liberals) and could only increase fundraising. I would certainly pledge an extra $50 or so if WNPR were to hire him.

Anonymous said...

colin was a breath of fresh air in all the right wing radio crap (ie: limbaugh, hannity, o'reilly)

colin was right about bob kraft and the patriots, he was right about rowland, he was right about lieberman, and most of all, he was right about PRESIDENT-ELECT obama.

colin had a knack of gathering all the available information and forming an intelligent position. so what if he was somewhat condescending and obnoxious, some of you clowns could do well to emulate his intellect.

he was one of the best commentators on the connecticut airwaves, and he will be sorely missed.

-billy from bristol

Anonymous said...

WNPR is a good place for Colin. I won't contribute to NPR if they hire him but I might now consider advertising on WTIC.

With Colin gone I might never hear from Bill Curry (another self appointed expert) or Pat Scully again.

TIC is looking better every day.

Anonymous said...

Left wing liberal hacks are becoming an endangered species .....

Thank GOD !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let McEnroe go to any sucker who will take him; I will continue to choose Barry Manilow when I want to hear some whining.

Odin said...

"Left wing liberal hacks are becoming an endangered species .....
Thank GOD !!!!!!"

Sorry to break the news to you, Mr. 7:18 PM, but we won. On January 20 there might be one fewer left wing liberal hack on the radio, but there's gonna be a left wing liberal hack sitting in the Oval Office.

Concerned Conservative said...

I wouldn't classify Obama as a "hack". And thankfully Obama is not recinding the Bush tax cuts, he is keeping Bush's Defense Secretary and he has a evangelical christian swearing him into office.

McEnroe however is a hack. There is a slim chance in my opinion that public money will be used to give a paycheck to such an obnoxious moron such as Colin McEnroe (which would be the case if he worked for NPR).

The thing that disturbs me the most is how Collins (a person who has actually had the audacity to call himself a "conservative") could find McEnroe's rude and crass radio personality a nice thing. It's also disturbing that anyone offended by him must be a "old white dude" (I guess that's the only group of folks that have any brains).

Good riddance