November 4, 2008

More memory card problems at the polls

Though everyone's ballot will be counted today -- and the problem amounts to no more han "a little technical" glitch -- the vote scanners at two precincts are not working.
The scanners at the American Legion and at Chippens Hill Middle School are not working, officials said.
"It's all taken care of," said Republican Registrar Ellie Klapatch.
Officials are getting new memory cards from the secretary of the state and trying to get them programmed quickly enough to use soon.
In the meantime, the filled-in ballots are secure, she said, and will be run through the scanners as soon as they can be.
None of this has any real impact on people voting, by the way. It just means the ballots they fill in are put aside to scan later.

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impeach Susan Bysiewicz said...

Let's hope people in Bristol remember this when they have to choose a Secretary of State in

Dump Bysiewicz in 2010

Anonymous said...

This is another example of the incompetence of Susan Bysiewicz.

Chele76 said...

yep - the scanners are down. I just saw that at the American Legion when I VOTED!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Nothing like going backwards... I can't believe we're filling in ovals instead of using computers. I feel like I'm taking Iowa Tests in the sixties. What's next, inkwells?

Anonymous said...

Whatever equipment we use for counting,there is the possibility of malfunction. This is a mechanical problem, not a political problem. Seems to me the Secretary of State used good judgement over the years.

I like the idea of having paper ballots!

Bob B. said...

Chele76 said...
yep - the scanners are down. I just saw that at the American Legion when I VOTED!!!! :D

November 4, 2008 10:53 AM

In another said you were turned away from voting and were going to have to go to city hall to vote for president....

Can't have it both ways chele76.

I am going to LOVE the fact that Steve's blog is going to require names....

it will make it easier to spot the BS.