November 6, 2008

That City Council meeting on the school site...

... is now scheduled for 6 p.m., Monday, Nov. 17 at City Hall.
The council is set to talk with the school building committees and to take whatever actions are needed to approve the purchase of property for the proposed schools, including perhaps giving a green light to the Matthews Street location.
There may be some additional lots sought for the Pine Street site as well.
More to come when I hear more.
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Reality hurtz said...

The elections are over .....

Let's all get back to spending the taxpayers money as quickly and foolishly as we can .


just say no to schiefer and his education groupies said...

The economy is so bad and the liberals and the Democrats (usually one in the same) are the ones who understand us middle class and working class people the most (supposedly).

Yet they're ready to spend $150 million dollars from money they collect from businesses and people's property and income on a school that is arguably NOT needed.

Why am I in the minority when it is a fact that I see something wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

Does Ward pick the date depending on who is available?

ow come so many Special Meetings?

Anonymous said...

No site. It's not the time to be spending money.

Anonymous said...

Rell is calling for spending cuts, and ECS money is bound to be much less. How about seeing if we can even provide education with the buildings we have?

Anonymous said...

Special Meeting
Special Meeting
Special Meeting

Good thing that they do not warrant overtime.