November 29, 2008

Hospital chief defends need for Press and Herald

Kurt Barwis, the president and CEO of Bristol Hospital, sent this:
I was disappointed to read the news that the Journal Register Co is considering the closure of The Bristol Press and the New Britain Herald. These two daily newspapers play a vital role for businesses, schools, churches, government and many non-profit organizations, such as Bristol Hospital, in communicating information to our residents.
With a combined population of over 131,000 residents, the closure of these two papers could have a devastating impact on both of these communities. Even in an age of electronic communication and the ability to access information at any time via the Internet, many people still rely on their local daily newspaper as their “lifeline” and the primary resource to get the local news and information that matters to them. Daily newspapers have a recognized value in educating the public and delivering the news each day. These papers also offer community members an opportunity to express their opinions in an open and honest forum that can generate dialogue and discussion on numerous key issues.
It is clear to me that community and business leaders face a significant challenge without these two newspapers and I encourage those responsible to find a solution that will avoid the potential loss to these communities and the people who count on the news each day.
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Anonymous said...

as a community leader, what solutions does he offer to the paper's owners to keep them here?