November 12, 2008

No gay marriages in Bristol yet

Though gay marriage is now a reality in Connecticut, with the first of them approved today, City Clerk Therese Pac said nobody's come in so far seeking a marriage license for a gay couple. She hasn't heard of anyone planning on it yet.
Pac said that less than 40 couples in Bristol have taken advantage of the civil union law enacted by the legislature as an alternative to marriage.
The state's Supreme Court ruled recently that gay marriage had to be allowed and now it is.
Pac said there have been a couple of calls from people asking about, including someone who wanted to know if he would have to pay to upgrade from a civil union to a marriage license. The answer? Yes.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not gay, but I almost want to grab a friend and go get married, just to be first!

Just Wondering said...

Homosexual marriges are now legal in Bristol yet why hasn't there been a rush @ city hall ???

Anonymous said...

Any "happy" marriages?