November 13, 2008

Leone honored by hundreds

More than 530 people jammed into a swanky hall at Southington's Aqua Turf Club last night to honor outgoing Greater Bristol Chamber of Commerce President John Leone.
"It's unbelievable," Leone said
Leone said  that it was touching that so many people, including Gov. Jodi Rell, would come "to pay tribute to a guy who loves to do what he does."
Leone, a former mayor, called the event "overwhelming" and said that he was deeply grateful that so many showed up.
Leone has led the chamber for nearly two decades after stepping down from the mayor's post to take the job. He is handing over the reins at year's end to his successor, Mike Nicastro.
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Anonymous said...

Tanks, Steve. I just lost my breffest.

Anonymous said...

Leone presided over many breffesses in his time at da Chamber.

He also hosted secketaries day events.

Many a sangwich has been served over the years as hunnerts of volunteers raised towsends of dollars to help da community.

But say what you want, he did a fabulous job building his organization and improving the city.

I hope he has a long any happy retirement.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm happy to see him retired!

Anonymous said...