November 25, 2008

Police and firefighters' charity game raised over $4K

Press release from the police union:


Date: 11/25/08

From: Peter Kot, President

Bristol Police Union, Local #754

On Friday, November 21, 2008 the Bristol Police Union and Bristol Fire Union played their 2nd annual charity flag football game at Bristol’s Muzzy Field. This year, the charity being supported was the Bristol Community Organization’s Emergency Fuel Fund which provides low-income citizens in Bristol with monies to heat their homes. In this economy of high fuel costs and high unemployment, the unions felt this was a most worthy cause. Hundreds of pounds of food were also collected and donated to the Salvation Army’s local soup kitchen.

Nearly four dozen Police and Fire Union members participated in the game which yielded an impressive and decisive 35-0 victory for the Police. This evens the record at 1-1 for each team.

The Bristol Police Union, Local #754 would like to thank the citizens and businesses in the Community that generously donated to this worthwhile cause. The event raised a total of $4,000.00 which will be donated to the B.C.O. The Bristol Police Union, Bristol PBA and Bristol Fire Union are proud supporters and we thank all that braved the cold to come out and support this event. We hope to continue and grow the event in the years to come.


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Tim Gamache said...

Kudos to the BFD and BPD for a job well done indeed!And the same to those who braved the cold weather(it was quite "cool") and supported this very worthwhile effort.

Anonymous said...

That's nice, but if they wanted to really help, they and their union should stop being so greedy with their benefits and demands, which are crippling Bristol taxpayers and the budget.

Anonymous said...

The Union hate mongers are still whining as usual. Grow up will ya? The election is over and you lost. We already heard enough of your useless whining.

Anonymous said...

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