November 17, 2008

Rell coming to Bristol business Tuesday

Press release from a public relations firm:
(BRISTOL, CT) – November 17, 2008 . . . A new "cogeneration" plant – one that will power, heat, and air condition two manufacturing firms and put surplus power back into the grid – will be unveiled on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at PEPCO and Bass Products, 435 Lake
Avenue, Bristol, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Governor Jodi M. Rell, a proponent of alternative energy solutions, will be present at the event from 4:30-5:00 p.m. to lead the unveiling ceremony. Other highlights include food and beverages by Ann Howard's catering, live music by the Doug Jones Group and a display of vintage automobiles – a passion of PEPCO founder Bob Sposato. Complimentary valet parking is available at 75 Cross Street.
Designed and built by technicians at the firm and based on a low emission natural gas fired Caterpillar generator connected to a Cain heat recovery system, the plant takes the normally wasted heat produced by its engine and supplies two heat absorption chiller/heaters to heat and cool the building. The process also increases the overall efficiency of fuel burned from 30% to over 60% and still provides enough electricity to power both the PEPCO and Bass facilities at peak demand times, with surplus going back into the power grid to help lower the cost of electricity for all customers.
For more information about PEPCO or Bass Products, contact Tony Sposato at 860-585-7923 or visit or
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a fan of piscopo said...

John Piscopo for Governor 2010!!

Reality Hurtz said...

Don't worry about a new power generating plant coming to help relieve Connecticuts' energy problems .

I am quite certain that mr. bloom-n-stall will use every trick in his liberal arsenal to prevent any progress in Connecticut .

His past record is quite clear.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be a long week in City Hall: Artie didn't get his picture on the front page along side the Guv!