November 11, 2008

Honor our veterans today

Take time today to reflect on the sacrifices of the men and women who have worn our country's uniform. They and their families (and friends, too, come to think of it) deserve our gratitude and thanks.
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Pat Nelligan said...

To paraphrase, "their is no greater honour than to lay down ones' life for a friend"
Perhaps today or in the near future residents of Bristol can walk on the Southside of the Boulevard and read the names of Bristol residents who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
If you spend a few minutes doing this occasionally,you will have honored those among you who have served or are still serving.
Selfless service begins and ends with the community's acknowledgement that doing things for the greater good in spite of the risks to oneself, is truly a worthy pursuit.
It is indeeed a blessing to live in a city like Bristol. It is one that really understands this way of life.
Thank You Again

Tim Gamache said...

Well said indeed Mr.Chairman!

Anonymous said...

Why was the boulevard closed for two days last week?

Tim Gamache said...

To allow students from Eastern and Central High Schools to visit the Boulevard and all the Monuments along with the Tribute Walkway.Veterans manned each monument and provided the students with a brief history of each.I have to say the students were for the most part very repectful and if I may say quite inquisitive(good sign).It is an excellent oppurtunity to introduce the idea of serving something greater than ourselves to our youth.Afterall,they will be the future "decision makers."