November 12, 2008

Want to buy The Bristol Press?

Here's what you do: Call Scott Wright, president of the Journal Register Co., at(215) 504-4200 and tell him you'll take it off his hands. I suggest haggling over the price.
If anyone is serious about the idea and wants to know the lay of the land at the newspaper, those who work there would be more than happy to detail what we do and what we know.
I truly believe that this could be a business opportunity, but if I knew much about making money, would I be a reporter?
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Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand what there is to buy. A new enterprise would go in a smaller, cheaper place, so the old building needs to be sold. What would be left? The name? The ad accounts? It seems like a start up would make more sense. But the future is new media and there's no getting around it. This is a rough transition, but a around the town videocams, bloggers, interactive features, facebook capacity and news packaging is the direction.
I think You've done a good job Steve keeping readers up on what is happening. It is truly unbelievable that the paper hasn't put out a note to readers from teh publisher or editor...only that lame, abbreviated AP piece.

Anonymous said...

we are not hearing what it would cost to buy it give me a figure and we can talk.